Jojo Tarot Cards: The Complete Guide

Another World Point Towards the Impending Future For many, Tarot cards reading is a skill and for some, it is an art! Some readers understand it as a natural skill, however, nowadays, many of the people are learning and developing the skill. tarot cards Jojo

Having said that, this article has specified all the information in regards to Jojo Tarot Cards and acts as the complete Guide to Jojo Tarot Cards for all the tarot card readers And Astrologers in London.

A lady covered in a flowery gown sitting on a small table with a deck of cards and a candle. She shuffles the card and predicts the future. This is the general perception of a tarot reader.

Well, credit goes to movies for creating such a picture in peoples’ minds.

However, how many of you know that predicting the future is really not what Tarot cards readings are about. Precisely, Tarot card reading is a powerful information source that comes from within. It channelizes the inner self to read the vibes and feel the guidance.

In the context of readings, there are two distinct Tarot reading methods. One is question readings and another is open readings. If you are a newbie, here is an insight for you! In addition, if you are a student who deals with taro and spends a lot on studying you can hire one of the experts from Class Taker to succeed in college and save more time on learning the meaning of tarot cards.

Jojo Tarot Cards: The Complete Guide
Jojo Tarot Cards: The Complete Guide

The question readings are mainly asked to answer specific questions. It is popularly said that Tarot cards should be used as guiding light but not as the set of instructions that is mandatory to be followed.

Speaking of the cards, there are two types of cards used by the Tarot cards namely, Jojo tarot deck and Major Arcana deck.

Keep reading because we will discuss the former type of cards used by tarot readers, i.e., Jojo Tarot Cards. We will dig into the history, characters, and similarities with normal cards.

Jojo Tarot Cards are Jojo stand cards that are inspired by Japanese male cartoon series depicting the writings of Hirohiko Araki. Jojo serial premiered in Japan in 1987 and existed till 2004.

The series garnered popularity for its Stand concept. The entire framework of the anime series was like a deck of Tarot cards. For people who are unaware of the tarot world, each card indicates distinctive features. Similarly, the characters of the anime drama possess different attributes (known as stands) which is very similar to the deck of tarot cards.

What does ‘Stand’ mean in Jojo’s bizarre adventure tarot cards?

Stands can be explained as personifications of energy that each body possesses. This energy varies from person to person.  The abilities accessed by one can be used and spotted in a visual form.

Diving deep into the origin, the term “Stand” is garnered from the reality that the majority of Stands get manifested by themselves while standing next to the user. It appears when someone is ready to act on their command.

We know that sounded way technical! In a simpler sense, a Stand is a representation of the manifestation of the fighting spirit in an individual. The same gets embodied, to a stretch of that individual’s psyche.

Stands may also be manifested by digging deep into the possibilities and understanding the expression of the mind. For this, it is necessary to have a very high mental strength.

There can be no specific definition to explain the outreach of the stand. In the world of tarot card Jojo, Stands can be of numerous variations and behaviors. There are no rules or standards for the stands to follow. Therefore, many uses stand for wrongdoings and others might put it to the right use. As it is an embodiment of the mental psyche, Stands are as diverse as any human brain.

A major ignored fact about stands is that there is no measurement scale to access its power possession. This makes some incredibly powerful while users might spend their lives exploring the possibilities of their stands. As explained, it is a fighting spirit and thus it is considered detrimental if someone doesn’t use it well. 

The concept of stands mixed with the Tarot card’s ability gave birth to the idea of Jojo tarot cards.

Each character that has made it to the deck is said to a specific stand. The same is used by the Tarot reader to identify the attribute of the upcoming. It primarily functions to wield elemental powers of good and bad. It was once the highest-selling animated series tarot cards that sold over 100 ml print copies. 

Plot of JoJo Tarot Cards:

Jojo’s bizarre adventure is among the uber-popular anime and manga series in the world. The last decade blessed JoJo fans with multiple episodes in the first few years. David Production took the opportunity to create the masterpiece for the first five parts.

tarot cards jojo

They have confessed it to be a wonderful experience. There are altogether two chapters of Jojo’s bizarre adventure namelyStardust Crusaders and the Diamond is Unbreakable.

Jojo Tarot Cards considers Jotaro Kujo as the hero. Jotaro Kujo’s  family has developed the conjuring powers of ‘Stands.’ Jotaro Kujo and his grandfather traveled Egypt to hunt down Dio Brando (evil vampire).

They are hunting him in order to save Holly (Jataro Kujo’s mother). The immortal Dio has a few tricks up on his sleeves and escapes the clutch by using Stands.

The Stands altogether has a different identity in the series. The characters of JoJo Tarot Cards demonstrate different pictures on each card. The Jotaro Kujo’s Stand card is known as ‘Star Platinum.’ Joseph Joester’s Stand is named ‘Hermit Purple.’ Similarly, when Jotaro Kujo finds his Stand he locks himself in the cell to constrain the Evil spirit that has taken control over him.

Jojo Tarot Cards
Jojo Tarot Cards

Holly (Jotaro Kujo’s mother) and Joseph (Jotaro Kujo’s grandfather) coax Jotaro Kujo to believe that Stands phenomena occur in each generation. Joseph disclosed to Jotaro Kujo about his 100-year-old arch-enemy, Dio, the vampire. He shows Jorato the sign of a star that Dio and his troop carry on their necks.

Joseph (Jotaro Kujo’s grandfather) shows Jotaro a picture of Dio. He emphasizes on a fly captured in the picture and reveals that Dio is in Egypt. He elaborates his affirmation by telling that the fly captured by the camera is only found in Egypt.

One day, Holly was found unconscious in the kitchen. She fell near the rose vine bush that was supposed to be her stand. It was then realized that because of Dio’s curse she couldn’t tolerate the power of the Stand.

Why Are Stands Named After Tarot Cards?

If you are a tarot card reader and just began to learn the basics of the tarot cards, you will find a lot of similarities in the cards and are just like classic tarot cards.

Jojo Tarot Cards
Jojo Tarot Cards: The Complete Guide

And the reason behind that is In Jojo Tarot Cards, the Stand is a symbol of power representation and is named after tarot cards themselves.

It pinpoints the occurrence that is speculated to take place. The versions may differ but the crux remains the same.

Here are the characters of Jo Jo’s Tarot Card along with the reason for naming the cards after tarot cards.

Tarot CardJojo Tarot card characterReasons behind the names used for JoJo Tarot Cards
The FoolIggyThis Stand can’t be expressed in a physical form. Instead, it derives that power by collecting dust and sand to form multiple offensive and defensive poses. The physical appearance is of a dog who is wearing a  mask-wearing and has the ass of a racer. The Fool depicts the Tarot analog of being flexible. It can shapeshift discretion.
The MagicianMuhammad AvdolThe power vested by Muhammad Avdol is to control the fire. Magician’s Red is among the powerhouses that can be used as a great offensive technique. Avdol has a humongous experience of using his stand creatively. He often defends himself from the metal weapons by generating destructible fire flames. The Magician represents control.  
The High PriestessMidler JojoThe High Priestess is the earliest stand that appeared in the series. The power possessed is said to be unique. It has the ability to control and transform into minerals. It can be anything that is made of minerals. For eg, glass and vinyl. It is a symbol of wisdom that is hidden in the feminine mystery. High Priestess symbolizes the female mystery. And hence, it’s one popular Highprietss Jojo
The EmpressNenaIt is a parasitic Stand. The Empress is manifested by Nena. She infects and then kills the targets. Empress lives in Nena’s blood. Once the target comes in contact with the blood, the Empress has the power over the victim’s body. Over time, it transforms into a torso. The arms and head get transformed too. As a tarot card, The Empress symbolizes power and a fertile woman. Many believe that the card represents way more than what Nena is actually. She spends a substantial part of her time seducing and captivating the Crusaders. She aims to kill Joseph.
The EmperorHol HorseHol Horse is the most powerful of them all. The emperor is a huge caliber revolver. It doesn’t need to be reloaded but can’t fire innumerable rounds. It remains under the complete control of the user. It is held by Dio, the evil vampire. The card of The Emperor is about power, decision, ruler, etc.
The HierophantNoriaki KakyoinThe Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin is said to be ‘The Hierophant’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. Noriaki, a new transfer student becomes the sage and becomes lancer to Jataro. The Hierophant card is said to be about thoughtfulness, wisdom, and enlightenment.
The LoverSteely DanThe Stand of Steely Dan is said to be ‘The Lover’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. He is responsible for Enya’s death. The Tarot Card indicates negativity in the love life. The difficulty of choosing between right and wrong is indicated by the card.
The ChariotJean Pierre PolnareffIt is the Stand that Jean Pierre Polnareff possesses and is the silver Chariot. It represents skill and passion. Jean Pierre Polnareff uses Silver Chariot to fight Avdol. He utilizes the power of speed to get an upper hand over the target. The tarot card represents war and victory.
StrengthForeverForever is a seafaring vessel that is bound to be a freighter. It is a bloody trap as the user has complete control over the ship, even the mechanisms. Any person who stumbles upon the ship is undoubtedly doomed. As a card, it represents strength and control over the situation.
The HermitJoseph JoesterJoseph Joester manifests a set of purple vines wrapped around his arms and extended to his wrist. Joseph can use them as his extended arms. Anyone who gets clutched by them can expect to be doomed. It is a powerful weapon to grab the enemy. The Hermit is a seeker, mentor, and hero and it perfectly suits the character of Joseph in the story.
Wheel of Fortune
Zz can control the vehicle and manipulate the structure by adding spikes and gears all over the body. It has the power to discharge gasoline and electric attacks. The user landing on this power becomes very hard to defeat. As the tarot card says, fortune lies in the hand similarly Zz also controls the battle on the battlefield.
JusticeEnya the HagThe stand is a deadly fog that possesses two distinct and extremely dangerous powers. First, it can create fog and mislead the opponent and next it can create a deadly illusion that is very hard for one to get out. The opponent becomes almost like the puppet as Enya can do anything by the illusions. Enya is Dio’s aide. She sees Dio as the ultimate ruler of the place. She can kill, rule, and torture anyone who stands against Dio.
The Hanged ManJ.GeilThe Stand doesn’t use anything but a mirror. The same can be very dangerous as it can duplicate the wounds of the target. The wounds he creates are done by the knives he carries in both of his right hands. In tarot, the hanged man represents the hero but here the representation is of a man that is in control of the situation. 
DeathMannish BoyThe Stand of Mannish Boy is said to be ‘Death’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. Mannish Boy is capable of capturing the dream world and killing other characters.
TemperanceRubber SoulThe Stand of Rubber Soul is said to be ‘Temperance’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. It consumes raw flesh and can transform into any form. It can absorb a huge amount of Kinetic energy. The target gets easily defeated and his death becomes certain.
The DevilDevoThe Stand of Devo is said to be ‘The Devil’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. Devo is one of Dio’s assassin troops. He was a mere Ebony Devil doll.
The TowerGray FlyThe stand represents accidents. The Gray Fly pierces into the victims body and tears out the tongue and further brain. In all, the killing is in a painful manner. The tarot card represents fall and pain. Gary Fly fits into the description.
The StarJotaro KujoThe Stand of Jotaro Kujo is said to be ‘The Star’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. This card represents great luck and fortune. Jotaro Kujo is the main character of Jo Jo Tarot card.
The MoonImposter Captain TennilleThe Stand of Imposter Captain Tennille is said to be ‘The Moon’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. The Moon represents instability. It moves at high speed and has the power to attach from any direction. The card represents betrayal and madness. The same is very similar to Imposter Captain Tennille.
The SunArabia fatsArabia fats can actually replicate the sun. While the group is traveling through the Arabian Desert, they observe that the sun never sets. The object is causing a scarcity of water in the place. The sun in tarot cards represents joy but it doesn’t suit the description.
JudgmentCameoCameo can create anything based on anyone’s desire. It is a horrible genie made to manipulate and in lieu of granting, it draws power out of the target. In all, it kills the target by fulfilling the desire. Judgment in the tarot is about ending things. The description fits in for the Cameo.
The WorldDioThe Stand of Dio is said to be ‘The World’ in JoJo Tarot Cards. Dio is the central antagonist and is immortal.

Some extra card on Jojo’s Card Deck includes:

  1. The Great Osiris is Daniel J D’arby.
  2. Horus is the Pet Shop.
  3. The Geb Goddess is N’doul.
  4. Mariah and Sethan.
  5. Khnum is depicted by Iongo.
  6. Tohth is depicted by Biongo.
  7. Caravan serai, Khan, Chaka, and Polnareff is Anubis
  8. Telence T. D’arby is depicted by Atum

Similarities and power of Jojo Tarot card and usual tarot cards

Card 0: The Fool in JoJo Tarot Cards represents the power of controlling the Sand. In normal Tarot cards, it is symbolized as spontaneous innocence. The Fool of JoJo Tarot Cards suits the ideology of being a wild Trump card.

Card 1: The Magician of JoJo Tarot Cards controls the element of Fire. It represents the beginning and has an aggressive unforgiving nature. The normal cards represent the Magician as a symbol of mastering imagination.

Card 2: The High Priestess of JoJo Tarot Cards symbolizes the flexibility of a situation. It is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. The normal arcana represents instinctual power.

Card 3: The Empress of JoJo Tarot cards represent growth, new life, and prosperity. The normal card deck symbolizes peacemaking, money, and art.

Card 4: The Emperor of JoJo Tarot Cards portrays order and control. The Emperor of Tarot Cards defines a new beginning, competition, and aggression.

Jojo Tarot Cards
the world tarot card jojo

Card 5: The Hierophant of JoJo Tarot Cards has long-range capabilities. The normal tarot card represents practical wisdom, and energy, and symbolizes groundedness.

Card 6: The Lovers of Jjba Tarot Cards portrays the link between the human and the fly. The card symbolizes balance, duality, love, and union in a normal deck.

Card 7: The Chariot of JoJo Tarot Cards is about power, victory, and battle.   the battle, and victory. The normal tarot Kahan represents victory after controlling your emotions.

Card 8: Strength of JoJo Tarot Cards represent strong willpower and potential. The normal tarot card represents courage in your heart.

Card 9: Wheel of Fortune of JoJo Tarot Cards indicates an improvement in financial status. In normal tarot cards that is about generosity, freedom, and taking risks.

Card 10: Justice of JoJo Tarot Cards symbolizes results/ consequences. The normal tarot card represents a need for balance.

Jojo Tarot Cards
tarot cards jojo

Card 11: The Hanged Man of JoJo Tarot Cards represents turning everything around. However, in the normal tarot card, it means letting go or surrendering ego.

Card 12: Death Thirteen of JoJo Tarot Cards represents the capability of controlling dreams. The normal tarot cards symbolize change or transformation.

Card 14: Temperance of JoJo Tarot Cards I’d about growing stronger and even sturdier. In a normal deck, it is a card of the balance.

Card 15: Ebony Devil after tarot cards symbolizes confusion/ misfortune. In a normal check, it is about temptations, illusion, and greed.

Card 16: The Tower of JoJo Tarot Cards indicated the accidents. The normal tarot card represents the opening of the third eye. Precisely, it is about awareness that comes from within.

Card 17: Star Platinum of JoJo Tarot Cards represents hope, discerning judgments, and optimism. Star Platinum tarot card is a symbol of cosmic inspiration and higher consciousness full stop, in short, it is a symbol of luck.

Card 18: The Dark Blue Moon of JoJo Tarot Cards depicts trouble, betrayal, lies, and fear. In the normal deck, it is a dark card representing the fear of facing the unknown.

Card 19: The Sun of JoJo Tarot Cards represents light and heat symbolic to physical heat and energy. In a normal deck, it is the symbol of light, wanting positive energy, celebration, and joy.

Card 20: Judgement of JoJo Tarot Cards is about the deception of strength and speed. It creates deceit in minds to affect decision-making power. In the normal tarot cards, it is a symbol of change, freedom, and grace.

Card 21: The World Tarot Cards Jojo is about strength and control over time. In normal tarot cards, it is a symbol of reality and everything that has life.

Tarot is a symbolic adaptation of true patterns. It channels the energy to understand the future upcoming. JoJo’s Tarot cards are the most popular and useful set of cards to understand future incidents.


Tarot cards JoJo can be used by anyone. They can help you with day-to-day work too.  There can be no formula that can explain the channel of energy flowing through our bodies. A clear mind would immediately guide you toward the right path.

A guiding light can come in handy in these stressful times. The chaos around the world is carrying heavyweights. Jojo Tarot cards can guide you to come off the same with a victory in heart and peace of mind.

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