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Is There Such a Thing as Online Anonymity?




This is one question asked by every person that respects his own and other’s privacy. Do we really have privacy in the online world?  To simply answer this question: NO. There is no such thing as online privacy. 

It’s not just that someone has to hack something to see your personal data. Hackers are way too busy for you. It’s the people with unlimited resources that form governments and keep us under control. 

Our Internet Service Provider has more access to our online data than most people can imagine. On top of that, there are many other filters and checkpoints set by governments to make sure we don’t learn anything that could be a threat to their power.

Is There Such a Thing as Online Anonymity?
Is There Such a Thing as Online Anonymity?

If you want to share some information on the internet that could offend many people, you first have to make sure that the publishing platform is secure. Even if the website offers anonymity, you should make sure that they would at least fight for your privacy.

For example, the website of John Doe is well-known for always keeping the identity of their contributors a secret. They even verify the story using their own resources before publishing it. 

After finding such a platform, you should look for a good virtual private network, commonly known as a VPN. It will encrypt your information before connecting to the internet.

These tools first connect you to their servers before connecting to other requested sites to keep your location and other information is hidden, even from Internet Service Providers. 


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