How to do a tarot reading for someone, not present

Tarot reading has become one of the most important mediums to interpret and comprehend any kind of mystery. The mystery around the tarot card is not only intense but also very viable. Many times when one tries to get in touch with something that is out of their reach, they tend to get attached through the medium of tarot cards.

Tarot reading is a kind of medium that can be only conducted when people are present. It not only intensifies the effect but also makes it more effective. But there is this method that can help you do a tarot card reading for someone who is not there. It means you can do the tarot card reading on someone else’s behalf.

Of course, the method is not as direct as it is but it will yield the same result because an accurate reading of tarot cards does not require the patron seating in front of them. The clients sit for their own satisfaction but the reader prefers to be reading the cards alone as it will not create any hindrance in their concentration. Their concentration needs to be strong so that such mood does not affect their own. The Reader’s mood is sensitive so they have to be in a place where it is easy to concentrate.

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How to do a tarot reading for someone not present?

tarot card
tarot card

The reading of tarot cards is as real as it gets whether there is a person or certain clientele sitting in front of them or not. Yes, if the client is not there, it will yield a more perfect result. However, many prefer to do it in person for the sake of authentication. But doing it in the third person is very extensively accurate as it will create more chances of producing great results because the key to producing the right result is ‘focus’.

Both the psychic and the reader have to focus on their present and future. Thinking about the past will only cloud your own judgment. Focusing on your own self can be done sitting anywhere. You don’t have to be present in front of the psychic or the psychic doesn’t have to be in front of you to yield results.

You have to sit in a quiet place and think about what you really desire. Thinking about something that could lead you to the answer you seek is important. Make sure that your concentration doesn’t get abruptly broken. When you do this, close your eyes and do the breath in and out process to intensify your concentration. When you do the pranayama to make yourself focus, the psychic will do the same.

A spread of questions will be laid before you so that certain cards can be drawn. By doing the pranayama, you will be opening yourself up to the utmost place where you will feel the cosmic power inside you. It is important to focus as the truth lies in the cosmic itself.

How to communicate while the reading is going on?

It is important to communicate in everything. When you are doing the pranayama in order to focus, it is at this time the psychic will lay his or her cards in front of you. He will pose certain questions that will answer or reveal your future. In order to do so, communication should be made. Communication can be done in several ways, thanks to the technological advances that are made in this generation.

  • Via phone call
  • Via text
  • Via skype
  • Via video call

All these methods are open and will help you connect to the psychic or the other way around. It is very important to really communicate with the psychic because asking questions is another key that would help see what lies ahead. You cannot charge ahead before knowing the disturbances that occurred in the past.

What many psychics ask is whether there is something that is troubling you in the present. You have to answer this too. As the reading goes, new questions will arise depending on the situation. Not only from the psychic’s side but also from yours. Many questions will arise in your own mind which need to be clarified. So you can do it by maintaining a conversation via these modes.

What to do if the psychic and the reader fail to communicate?

Many times due to connection severity or any other issues could disrupt the communication altogether. If that were to happen, worry not. The tarot card reading can be processed in that sense too. The reader has to be prepared totally in order to make a tarot card reading. The reading depends on the questions and the answers you provide the psychic.

Based on your history and the cards that you draw, the answers will be revealed. So if you feel like the communication process cannot be made at that point in time then you should provide the psychic with a certain amount of background data on you and communicate thoroughly what you need to know. So that answer to this question is that the tarot reading can proceed even after the communication process gets severed.

The more you give answers to the questions regarding your own self you provide the more accurate you’re reading will be because the psychic has to be connected to you in order to understand you, or to draw the cards for you. The question should cover a broad range of diverse and multiplied questions ranging from childhood to traumas to fear. The more you cover what bothers you and haunts you, the better it will be.

What kind of details or the questions should you be answering?

There are many types of questions that need to be answered if the psychic and the reader cannot communicate thoroughly. The set of questions, however, varies from psychic to psychic but these topics are very important and should be covered nonetheless.

  • You have to quarry the particular questions about the reader.
  • The distinct questions need to be answered. Think about what separates the normal questions from the ordinary.
  • When a certain question is asked, try to give details. It goes the same for the psychic..ask the detailing of the question.
  • If you are to make obvious changes in the methods of the reading then letting the client know about it is the right choice.
  • Trusting your own instinct is the main thing here..both the reader and the psychic has to go with the instinct. If your instinct tells you to share a certain amount of detail, do so, if you want to ask a certain question, do so.
  • If you are not quite feeling it right, telling the reader about it is the right thing to do. It goes the same for the psychic too.

All these objectives need to be taken care of if the communication services are severed between the psychic and the reader. Only by maintaining these objectives, will you get an accurate result.

How to clarify if the clientele is not there?

Even though you have a set of questions going in your mind that will definitely be decided and will wield a different kind of result, many times as it happens the question may not be there. The questions are bound to be left even though you have created a list. When the tarot reading is going on, a question related to the cards is bound to come up to clarify the reading.

If you are not there and the communication is severed then you can do one thing. The psychic has to draw another card. Even though it is against the rules, doing it will definitely clear things up if you are having a hard time communicating with the person. So drawing a card based on the cloudy judgment will only yield a positive result because it could lead to clarification.

If you don’t draw the cards then it will only make things worse and the reading will not be accurate. If you don’t want to draw another card and play it by the rules then you can definitely ask questions that are totally open-ended. In that sense, it won’t leave any room for error. If you continue to do so, it will only help you with the best outcome which means the best reading.

Make a follow-up communication:

After the reading has been done, you have to make a follow-up communication to clear the communication and to let the person know about the reading. Helping them know about it will not only get the task done properly but will also give the clientele an opportunity to clear the doubts he or she had.

How to do a tarot reading for someone else?

If you are thinking of learning the tarot card reading then you might have to know the basics. There are certain things that you have to do in order to learn to draw and read tarot cards. If you continue to do so then you can read tarot cards not only for yourself but also for others too.

  • You have to start from the beginning. You have to learn to know the basics of the cards. Try to know more about it. The history of it and what each card really means. Knowing them about it will help you understand the meaning of the cards.

 Each card signifies a certain thing so you have to know the certain symbolism of the cards. After a background check of the card and what it means, you can move on to the next step

  • You have to know what questions you will have to ask. The questions should be thorough and open-ended. Communication is the key and the question-answers are important too. Ask who wants to know what and ask the background of the incidents, questions related to it to know all about it. It will help you provide an accurate reading.
Make a follow-up communication
Make a follow-up communication
  • Focus is the main thing. If you cannot focus on the energy that you bring to the table, you won’t be able to invest your own will and self into reading so you have to make sure that you bring enough focus and energy to the table to produce an accurate result.
  • Maintaining the ethic and rules of the cards are important. So when you do the card reading make sure that you do not do it by breaking rules and receiving your own moral and ethical values. Whatever you do, just don’t cross the limits. You have to maintain your own ethicality in order to retain the right answers.

Can you do a tarot reading for someone without them knowing?

The question does not lie in whether one can do it or not, the question lies in whether one should do it or not. One can do it but it goes against the ethically of a psychic to do a tarot reading for someone else other than the reader.

It is natural to know about your loved ones whether they will do this or not, or whether they will make it in the future or not. This type of reading that is done based on someone else is called the third party tarot card reading. This particular reading is wrong for many reasons and should not be carried out.

  • You cannot do a tarot reading for someone else who is not present because consent is important. When a tarot reading is carried out, it is mainly because both the person has given their consent to carry out the reading. When you involve a person who doesn’t know about it, it ruins the objective of it. If that person has given his or her consent and details then it is a different thing.
  • The second reason is when you are trying to conduct a tarot reading for someone you know, your judgment will be clouded by your own feelings. The details that you will share about that particular person will be based on your experience which is subjective. It could be different from how that person has concluded the events. The background details may vary.
  • It is ethically wrong to share such readings about the person to someone else as it is similar to sharing their life without their consent to someone they don’t want. It may create a strain on their relationship. So it may be problematic.


Having to conduct a tarot card reading is a tough one. Maintaining accuracy is even tougher but if these barriers are erased then one will be faced with the truth. Many times people think about whether the result will be the same or not if one conducts a tarot card reading while not being present, let me assure you, it is totally safe and will generate an accurate result. 

How to do a tarot reading for someone, not presentDiscussion
How to do a tarot reading for someone not present?The method has been written below.
How to communicate while the reading is going on?You can text, call, video call the person.
What to do if the psychic and the reader fail to communicate?Try to get the questions filled out with the answers by the client
What kind of details or the questions should you be answering?The question should be related to the client and it should be thorough
How to clarify if the clientele is not there?Draw another card or ask open-ended questions
Make a follow-up communicationAfter the reading, you should communicate with the client
How to do a tarot reading for someone else?Maintain your breathing, know the cards and you can do it.
Can you do a tarot reading for someone without them knowing?One shouldn’t do such a thing.

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