How to Cleanse The Tarot Deck?

Cleanse this space, remove the past, I’ve found my happiness at long last.

Fill This space with joy and love, send your blessings from above Cleanse Chant

Hello Tarot Readers,

We are certain that as a tarot reader you must be involved in the practice of meditation and chant to clear your head. And we all know this practice enables us in serving our clients well by providing an accurate reading.

Moreover, using our lines to chant like mentioned above and meditating on cards protect us from all negative energies around us and keeps our mind and heart light so we can be the medium of passing the required messages of our spirits, guides, and angels through tarot card readings.

Having said that, it is pretty evident that, cleansing is important for ourselves for our readings, likewise, cleansing tarot decks is also important as the concept of tarot card readings is all based on energy of our recent experience and present which in return suggests us the possible outcomes and hence clearly a different concept in comparison to astrology.

Concerning the same, this good read has shed the light on How to Cleanse the Tarot Deck in an effective way that can bring freshness and peace in your each and every reading. 

This read will cover all your questions in regards to cleansing your tarot deck. Before we begin with the desired information, let us help you with a quick glimpse of the grounds on which this article is going to help you: 

  • When to cleanse tarot deck
  • Ways of cleansing your tarot deck.

Hope the aforementioned quick glimpse has given you a strong motive to continue your reading here.

So, let’s get started!

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So far, we have shared the clarified that why cleansing the tarot deck is one important part of tarot card readings.

Along with the same, lets know more about situations that encourage many readers globally to perform the cleansing ritual before and during their readings.

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  1. Bought your tarot deck online: Though you have purchased your favorite tarot deck online which will definitely be delivered in packed form; however, it is always a good idea to cleanse the tarot deck and know your cards as you never know how many people have already touched it.

Performing this ritual will let you spend time with your cards and you gradually indulge yourself in the essence of your tarot deck  

  1. If others touched it: Some tarot readers believe in a traditional way of reading that allows the client to touch the card so the energies can be inculcated well and hence accurate readings can be done. If you are one of them, you should perform the cleansing ritual from time to time.

But if you are not one of them, however, after some reads you could observe that cards answering differently, it is a time of cleansing your tarot deck.

  1. Unused For a long time: If you haven’t done reading by using any particular deck, though you have kept them safe and sound, the situation would demand the cleansing of your tarot deck that will freshen up the cards and give them space to breathe and perform well for you.
  1. Receiving confusing and negative reading consistently: If you feel that the outcomes of the readings are only giving negative vibes and somewhat creating discomfort in passing on the message. There is a possibility that some negative energy is stuck on cards that is continuously draining the power of cards. And hence, your best friend (Tarot cards) needs some air and freshness. So, what can be the better way of helping your tarot deck?
  1. Reconnecting with cards: The practice of cleansing your tarot deck would not only help your cards to breathe well but even help you to reconnect with your cards.

Performing cleansing rituals has the essence of positivity and letting the freshness surround you and your tarot deck. 

So, keep reading to get your answers on How to cleanse your tarot deck for the first time when you first get your tarot deck


Source: happy annie

If you are to start your reading and have some time spared to meditate on your cards. It is the time to utilize to cleanse your deck with the help of sage. Simply burn the sage and pass through each card and let the smoke do the job for your cards. Gradually, you will notice the difference that you yourself start feeling light in the environment.

We recommend the white sage that is specifically used for tarot deck cleansing.

 Here is a quick glimpse of the product with the complete description:

Check it out and buy one for performing the lovely ritual of cleansing your tarot deck. 

  1. Full MOON BATH

Placing your cards under the full moon will be the best way of cleansing your tarot deck naturally. The full moon light will boost the energy of your tarot cards and refresh the card for regular readings.


Crystals have the magical powers that can quickly bring changes in the energy and thus you can also use crystal protection by placing them on the top of tarot deck even when you are in the middle of reading. 

This will help you keep your cards protective from any bad influences around you while reading and will give you accurate readings.

Here is the quick list of crystals that you can use to perform the ritual:

  • Clear quartz: Helps in Cleanses and boosts the energy of the tarot card.
  • Selenite: Helps in Cleansing and connecting with spirit guides.
  • Black tourmaline: It absorbs negative energy.
  • Amethyst –Along with cleansing the tarot deck, it impacts the tarot reader by enhancing psychic senses and intuition.

If you are in the middle of your reading and suddenly you observe that you are getting confusing readings, it is the time to apply the quickest and the easiest way of cleansing the tarot deck. Simply knock the cards thrice and shuffle the cards again, this quick way will kick out the negative energy in your cards and will be back in its fresh mode.


Cleansing the tarot card with incense is one of the ancient methods. So simply choose the incense that has properties of healing and cleansing and use the same cleansing the entire deck. And in case, incense doesn’t suit you well, you can also use sprays available in the market that can do the same work for your cards.


Many readers believe that salt has power of keeping the negative energies away and hence, spread the Himalayan salt around the deck or wrap the cards and put them in salt container that can remove the negative influences on the deck.

If the ideas click you well and you can certainly and try and test if that works for you.


There are lot of other ways too that can cleanse the tarot deck, however, the aforesaid ways are the most common ways and acceptable by all the tarot readers around the globe.

With that, we hope, the implementation of shared ways of cleansing your tarot deck will give results and quick boosts to your cards for accurate reading.

If you are using some other way of cleansing your tarot deck, feel free to share with us as we understand, sharing knowledge is one of great deed.

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