How do you ask Tarot Questions?

Already inspired by the magic of tarot cards and walking on the path of exploring tarot card reading theories? But, a lot of times, you tend to confuse how to get accurate answers to relate to the questions for your clients? Well, if it is a task for you, take a step back, give a thought, are you framing questions correctly? Tarot Questions?

Well, here is a food for thought, the answers lie in the question itself!
Got your wires crossed? Not to worry, as you are about to receive a quick answer to know the tarot cards readings even better. Getting the answer to what you desire is not what tarot reading confirms. Tarot is a divination tool, which provide us guidance for the queries we ask with them.

Therefore, it is important to consider the ways of asking questions for the answers which can turn the tables for you. So keep reading, because now you will get to know how to ask a tarot question to get the right guidance. Let’s begin!

How do you ask Tarot Questions?
How do you ask Tarot Questions?

Formatting the question

Here is the deal to begin with, this tip is essentially for a client, yet for a reader to explain to a client.Putting the questions in the proper format is the most important part. In fact, Questions directly strike with the insight of tarot card readers, which reflects in cards, when he pulls the cards.

Any inappropriate form of the question changes the entire meaning of answers. Phrasing the question inappropriate way increases the chances of accuracy in answers

Having said that, let us explore some ways of paraphrasing the question for the details.

Put the “correct words” in sentence formation.

Situation: As we all know COVID 19 spread across the globe, unfortunately, one of my friends got infected by it…so a client asked about ‘’situation of coronavirus infection in her “

So, this triggered pulling the cards which not gives us a solution to the issue.

Do you know what went wrong?

Knowing the art of framing questions to ask tarot. In this situation, the question could have asked like: ” is the treatment working properly…, Or if her health going to get better “…

This way, we can be precise and clear with our question, and hence, we expect the accuracy in readings.

Designing a proper time frame

Timing is what everyone is concerned about in life, known fact, right?

But, Tarot cards can’t give us exact time. Instead, It can give an idea in an approximation of days, in which particular event going to occurs. Hence, a question like “ What will be my future’’? may not bring us closer to the exact things that we are expecting and looking for in our life.

How do you ask Tarot Questions?
How do you ask Tarot Questions?

It is important to understand that future is an ongoing event, upcoming each breath is our future. Therefore, keeping the fact intact, we have to put this question in a particular fixed time frame.

For instance, ” What will be my future in the upcoming 3 months “, 6 months…and so on.
Point to remember here for a tarot reader is framing in particular time zone gives proper insight to the reader to work on it and helps us to be precise in our answers.

Set Logics, Ignore Negativities in Questions.

Always remember, everything happens for a reason and the universe has its own ways to gift us the happiness and strengthen us for negatives. Having said that, we readers are still humans and can’t control every event.

Hence, as a tarot reader, framing extreme negative questions to figure out the harms that can occur doesn’t help anyone. Hence some questions are irrelevant for perusing tarot readings.

To be precise, below is the list of example questions that should be avoided

When I will die?

What is this week’s lottery no.?’’

What will be the first name of my future husband?’’

Bear in mind, tarot reading is a matter of energy, the magic of vibrations, and word of advice. Hence, reading can define the possible outcomes and help us to choose the right path.

So, a reader has a responsibility to help the client with an advice that can give a client a right path and help them to see the equation of life in a Broadway. On that note, a good question for tarot needs to be framed that can bring us closer to the best answers. And so, let move ahead with another point to remember on how to ask tarot questions.

Ask questions that are open-ended.

If you offer detailed readings, encourage your client to be frank with you and so you can frame an open-ended for effective tarot readings.
However, nowadays, tarot readings are also designed to help clients with yes or no answers.

How do you ask Tarot Questions?
How do you ask Tarot Questions?

But, the twist, even that includes the advice or slight details because the feeling of being curious is what makes us human.

Ask questions more of suggestions based.

As mentioned, tarot card reading magic works well when the intention is purely to understand the situation and look for answers for the best outcome. And, so a word of advice always accompanies the readings.

A suggestion-based question can give the client a better outlook towards a situation. Considering the same, we have shared the list of some of the framed questions below:
• ” What can I do to better my financial situation?”

• “What blocks me from financial success and how can I overcome it?”

• ” How can I advance my carrier? what actions should I take regarding this..”

• “How can I strengthen the relationship between me and my partner?”

• “What stands in the way of me finding love”?

• ” Any chances of reconciliation”?


Universe has given us all the answers, what matters is the question that we ask to receive the right information. Hence, a reading can be effective if a precise question can be framed.

Though it is said that ‘Ask’ is what all it takes, yet, ‘Art of Asking’ is what the deal breaks!

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