Did you get the Eight of wands tarot card meaning in your tarot spread? If yes, then gather your full gear and kick it up a notch! because that’s what eight of wands wants to convey to you!

You must have heard the popular phrase, ‘ slow and steady wins the race’, but when 8 wands become functional in your life, you can’t afford to slow your pace.

Before we get deep into the analysis of this special card, it’s very important for you to understand the basic eight of wands’ meaning

Let’s get right into it!


You probably know this but eight of wands is a Minor Arcana Tarot card. With that, you should be well aware of its elements to know it deeply.

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Well, here were some quick basics. Now it’s time to know all the insights!

What does eighth mean?

Do you know that ‘eight’ in the eight of wands stands for energy and pace for your future?

Number 8 is symbolic of Fortitude. It represents power, achievement, braveness, potential, generosity. This number is the reason why this card is seen as one of the most positive cards. 

Equally important is the image of the card.


 You might have seen eight wands shoved off in the free sky. Beneath is a fluvial river significant of a constant move.

Their sprouting flight in the beautiful sky suggests that you should be open to adventures and changes in your life. 

Go with the flow, because if you pave your way towards your goal, there would be no hurdles. Your journey would be as smooth as those wand’s landing and as dazzling as the clear sky.

If you happen to get your luck on this tarot card, then finally it’s the time when all your difficulties are approaching an end! So be affirmative towards your aim!

Now let’s hop on to a detailed eight of wands interpretation.


Generally, there are 2 ways of interpreting a tarot card:

  1. Upright
  2. Reversed

This article will provide you both Upright eight of wands meaning as well as eight of wands reserve meaning! Let’s learn about both of them!


Was the tarot card upside down while you were reading it? If yes, then this upright interpretation is for you!

If you are wondering what’s upright? Then upright tarot cards will exhibit all the external elements of your life which you need to be ready for. Let’s see what’s inbox for you!

  • In the first place, eight wands exemplify agility, momentum, development, undertaking, making one’s way in a broad and upright context. 
  • Eight of wands advice continuation of direction. To put it in another way, changing approaches, evaluation of past actions, and taking back steps are not recommended here. 
  • This acceleration wand promotes a speedy and a set strategy for an already defined goal.
  • If you have been a lot negative lately, then this card is extremely a blessing to you. You will feel another level of energy that is going to rejuvenate your spirit to the fullest. Perhaps at a slower pace, but soon your problems will come to an end.

Are you expecting any kind of good news? 

Well, then your wait is about to be over! 

  • Some unexpected news might be on your way. You are going to succeed in areas where you were not able to witness any progress. Hence it’s very vital for you to be focused and concerned about your work.

Eight of wands love

Were you looking for luck in your love life and got this card in your tarot? 

Now, you should be relieved since your luck is slowly picking up its pace whether you are single or committed.

  • If you happen to be single till now, you are going to lay the foundations of your love life very soon. A romantic relationship is about to occur in your life. It’s totally up to you how you are going to make full use of this opportunity because, with the right amount of effort and admiration, you might find the love of your life!
  • If you are already in a relationship, then be grateful for your partner. Fall in love all over again, try spicing things up in your love life. You are in for so many romantic surprises if both of you decide to get your gears up in this commitment. This will take up your relationship to its zenith!

Not only in matters of love, but you will get to know many vital facts regarding your health too!

Eight of wands health

Are you going through surgeries, illnesses, or injuries?

 Then this eight of wands is a sign of hope for you! It majorly connotes fast recovery in health issues. As a matter of fact, soon you would be very active in all your daily activities. 

You will develop a liking towards a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Looks like you are about to experience a stable and healthy life!

So now, let’s head over to what it means in relation to your career and work-life.

Eight of wands career

Eight of wands career

Were you expecting a promotion but got disappointed by the results earlier? 

Well then buck up because many surprises are in the box for you so maybe now is your chance!

 Your work-life is going to be really hectic with lots of workloads real soon. This hard paced life will demand a lot of struggle and compromise, but it’s all gonna be worth it! 

Just like the tarot card eight of pentacles keen on the fact of doing more and more hard work that will result in so many better outcomes and a rewarding career, in the same way, eight of wands want you to give your best if you want the best! 

Loads of new opportunities are coming your way, don’t be overwhelmed by them and take your decisions patiently. 

This was the hidden meaning behind the upright eight of wands. Let’s learn some things about reversed eight of wands.


Was the tarot card facing away from you while you were reading it? If yes, then it was upside down and eight of the wands reversed is likely to function in your life.

The 8 of wands reversed also relates to various aspects of life in a similar fashion upright context does. The only difference is that it focuses more on the internal factors of yourself.

Eight of wands reversed denotes stagnant, lack of progress, halt in energy and momentum. This indicates that you are infuriated and annoyed in this phase of your life. You must be remorseful about all the rash choices you undertook that are now not giving you fruitful results. 

Your life might be restricted just to work resulting in calling off all the plans, lack of quality time. Your freedom wands are not in your favor at this point in time. Your thoughts are suffused with negativity. In conclusion, you will experience a very gloomy period for some time.

Eight of wands reversed love

Eight of wands reversed love

Were you seeking the tarot spread because of recent grudges in your relationship? Well, the card eight of wands reversed is an intimation of the dearth of enthusiasm in your love life. 8 of wands reversed as feelings of love and compassion indicate that you and your partner are not being able to cope up with the misunderstandings and grievances for the past few years. None of you wants to put the inner ego aside and take the initiative of solving the issues. The hesitation of communicating your feelings to each other arises a lot. One of you will want to move on in life and maybe even start liking someone else.

If you are alone right now, you will soon find someone who you would obsess over madly. You will really like them, but that fascination is likely to end soon. You might indulge in fast love meaning a vacation romance thing but regret it later. You will dislike them so much that you would wonder what you saw in them in the first place. Therefore, your every decision counts for a good relationship, so decide wisely.

Eight of wands reversed health

Is your health good these days? If you got your hands over this card, you better start taking extra care of yourself.

If you are undergoing any treatment or suffering from any disease or injuries, then your recovery tends to happen at a slower pace. You will get exhausted very easily. Changes that are expected by you going to the gym will take time to happen. On the contrary, no other big disease will come your way. This is a phase of your life that you have to counter with, it will end soon.

Eight of wands reversed career

Getting setbacks in your career is not the best thing. 8 of wands outcome on your career signifies failures, delay in promotions, cancellation of big deals, lack of progress. Things will not be in your favor for some time. You will find it trivial to make it up to deadlines. 

Everything is going to become very hectic. This card is a sign that you made some irrational decisions and missed some opportunities that might have proved worthwhile. 

This card is a lesson for you to get more engrossed and dedicated towards your workloads so that you can overthrow all the hurdles in your way and live your dreams!



Are you also looking for a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as an answer from the 8 of wands card of the day? Then this section of the article got you all covered!

Let’s dive in to take a more clear look at yes or no meaning in both Upright as well as Reversed contexts.

Upright Position

  • Eight of the wands tarot cards is an extremely positive card you would ever find. In this context, the answer would be ‘yes.
  • This card is a sign for you to go ahead in life, follow your dreams, say yes to new adventures, and lead your life with your intuitions!
  • If you encounter any new opportunity that might be rewarding in the future, go for it. Say yes to travel or any sudden plans in which you are invited.
  • This tarot card brings hope for you. Any work which you have given a lot of hard work is finally going to pay off. 
  • With a positive mindset, you can beat anything. Get rid of all the unnecessary negative thoughts. Be patient in all walks of your life. This is a confirmation for you that God is watching you and is always there for you!

Reversed Position

  • If the card is upside down while reading, then your ultimate answer, for now, is ‘no’. If you ask the card what to do in a certain circumstance, then take a break and accept your answer as ‘no’.
  • This is an indication that this time is not good for you. With so much going on already in your life, now is not the time to try new things or make plans, instead you should save them for next time.
  • You cannot achieve something in a hurry! You need patience and belief, which clearly lacks in you right now.
  • Here, the best way to cope up with this phase is to consult someone who has been there at this stage and try adopting their methods and see things from their perspective.

Well now you know, whether it’s a yes or no! 


To summarise, Eight of Wands is a tarot card representative of the energy and momentum of life. What meaning it holds for you depends on the fact whether the card was Upright or reverse. 

Altogether, the upright context is a sign of positive changes in your life. It means much good news is on your way and with a positive attitude, you are going to rock it.

The reverse context on the other hand is an indication that times are about to get tough, it’s time for you to reconsider all your decisions before finalizing them. 

That’s about it for the eight of wands card. Hope this article helped you fulfill your purpose!

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