Difference Between Oracle And Tarot

Are you a new in tarot card reading community? Or each day on the path of tarot card learning amazes you because every day you are knowing different forms that relate tarot? In that case, by now, you must have already understood that the world of tarot is indeed interesting yet perplex.

But have you wondered, why it so unque?

Well, here is an outlook, the way we are all different and unique creation of God, similarly, this skill has no limits, yet, once understood deeply, you can discover your own way of taking forward.

Difference Between Oracle And Tarot
Difference Between Oracle And Tarot

Having said that, all tarot card readers share their experiences and suggests the best way of reading tarot which is indeed interesting, however, for newbee it sometimes get confusing and frustrating.

Considering the same, this good read will help you to figure out one of the most common confusion and frequently asked question wherein readers get clueless and keep asking you whether you read oracle cards or tarot cards.

Honestly, this is the question that totally bewilders anyone who is the mode of learning and understanding the skill. The fact, there is nothing in the world that don’t have answers.

So to understand that what and which reading gives you the best answers of your questions, it is important to know Difference Between Oracle And Tarot

So let us explore some interesting differences and facts and know it all. First and the foremost thing is to understand that it is not huge but a few differences between them and both of them are not at all similar.

Before knowing the difference, you should know the similarity so that you can understand why people are getting confused. So, let’s not ado further and bring it in.

What They Have In Common?

You should know what they have in common in order to know the difference

  • Oracle cards are an oracle in the form of implied.
  • Tarot cards are an oracle too but in the form of a card deck.

Puzzled, right?

Let get started with details of what is tarot card and what is an oracle card.

Tarot Cards:

You may already have an idea of what tarot cards are and how they work but let me make it clear for the other people as well.

Difference Between Oracle And Tarot
Difference Between Oracle And Tarot

This is a fixed system that means it also have a strong tradition along with a reliable structure. If a card deck contains 78 cards and they are split into 56 minor cards and 22 major arcana cards, then you can call it a tarot deck.

Honestly, tarot cards have been there for a few hundred years now and there are literally a lot of people who have chosen tarot card reading as their profession.

Although modern tarot cards are not similar to the old ones. One more thing that you should know about tarot cards is, the whole accuracy thing will depend on how you are arranging the cards or we name it as tarot card spreads.

Oracle Cards:

Now, these oracle cards are certainly different from tarot cards and you will soon find out why! Oracle cards are nothing but a fluid system now you must be wondering what does a fluid system mean?

Here is the answer, the fluid system means, every oracle cards are different and every deck will literally differ from the other. The whole thing will basically depend on the reader and how they are creating the system as well as the vocabulary and how they will keep the operation on.

This whole thing is also called Lexicon. You need to make all the parts of the oracle work together in order to make the oracle cards work as a true divination system.

Each of the cards itself has its own little universe and they are different from others by themes, author, and arts. When it comes to divination, you can say that oracle cards are new into this than Tarot cards but they are pretty much interesting.

Difference Between Oracle And Tarot
Difference Between Oracle And Tarot

Let’s check out the way oracle cards are made and what they reflect

  • Some oracle cards are true divination systems by which you can do readings for others as well as yourself.
  • Some of the oracle cards are meant to be pulled with only one card a day, and you will have to maintain this.
  • Some cards are affirmations where some of them are just reflective cards for your or anyone else’s emotional wisdom.

Now, we will be discussing the difference below

Difference Between Oracle and Tarot:

As we have mentioned tarot cards are nothing but a perfect example of the traditionally structured deck and you will have to agree on this. You will have to follow a lot more rules when it comes to tarot but there are no such rules when it comes to oracle.

Rather we would say that oracle cards are free-flowing and they are able to feature almost every kind of content.

But with tarot cards, you will have access with 78 cards and sometimes, you will feel that some decks are just a bit different. At times, you will see that you will end up with 80 or 44 cards but mostly, there are 78 cards.

On the other hand, oracle cards has no set number and you can have a deck with either 12 or even 100 cards or anything you wish to. The meaning and themes are pretty common in tarot cards so you will not find out anything extraordinary.

Although the pictures are not at all same but we are here talking about the meaning and most of the cards hold the same meaning, you will see.

Honestly, we would like to call tarot cards as ingredients and oracle cards as main meal, are you able to take more than one main meal? But, you can, of course, prepare the meal with as much ingredient as you want.

The big energy behind oracle cards is not at all unknown anymore and they are great when it comes to providing insight about life or what is going on but not as much as detailed interpretation like tarot cards.

Since we are talking about Oracle Cards Vs Tarot Cards, we hope we have made your facts clear and you don’t have any doubt. However, you can say that oracle cards are just a chapter of the book and tarot cards are the pages that a book contains.

If you are interested in card reading then honestly, you will be able to enjoy both of them. Oracle Vs Tarot has become a huge thing nowadays and the reason is also clear.

Are Oracle Cards Safe?

Oracle cards are mostly known by fortunetellers and so far, you have known a few facts about the oracle cards as well. These cards are basically used for providing symbolic guidance and some sort of subjective clarity for your life issues.

Difference Between Oracle And Tarot
Difference Between Oracle And Tarot

You can read oracle cards for yourself as well as for others like there is no such guidelines behind the reading. People can connect to different deck differently and it will guide them to reach somewhere.

There are actually a lot of reasons why you should consider oracle cards and yes, it is totally safe. Rather this is just a way to connect with your divine power and predict the future. These cards will help you to feel more secure in your sense of intuition. They are great for open-ended questions and you can consider them as guidance from the divine. You need to be patient and believe in your intuitions.

For reading the interpretation, you can start by practicing and you will get enough information on the internet so you may start from today itself.

Difference Between Oracle And TarotDiscussion
What They Have In Common?They have two things in common and that’s why people get confused.
Tarot CardsTarot cards are comparatively an old medium to predict the future.
Oracle CardsOracle cards are new but they are easy to read and if you are a beginner then it’s perfect.
Difference Between Oracle And TarotWe have discussed the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards.
Are Oracle Cards Safe?Yes, they are totally safe and you may start practicing from today.

Final Thoughts:

Well, both tarot and oracle cards are there to help you with your life decisions and you will be able to make it better by reading the cards. Tarot decks have a bit different structure and that is complicated as well. If you are a beginner then reading tarot cards will be a bit difficult for you at first. Whereas, oracle cards can provide more opportunity to cultivate intuition.

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