In today’s times when the internet is such a big hit, even the not-so-wealthy families can help their children with good education without compromising on the quality of education they get. A five-year-old can now know the solar system or why dinosaurs got extinct,  their parents do not need to worry much about them lacking behind. 

‘Elliott Masie’ once said: We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.  This is exactly what online teaching does. 

Let’s dive in. 


Teaching can be defined as a give and take relationship that helps the learner gain knowledge about a certain concept. 


Online teaching can be defined as the process of educating others through the internet with the help of videos, messages, webinars, or one-to-one video calls. Online teaching can be done from any location(while in a metro, coffee shop, or park) and at any time according to your convenience.  


With the freedom that comes along with online teaching there’s more that it grants: 

• You can be your own boss until and unless you complete your work on time, no one will ask you to do extra shifts. 

• There are no dress codes, just look presentable and rock it. 

• No changing of locations, people who feel uncomfortable leaving their homes can work from wherever they are. Hence, no traveling expenses.  

• Improved technology skills, exploring the tools on online teaching apps can surely help you learn new things. 

• Last but not least you get to extend your thinking by interacting with people of all ages, different cultures, and different ideas from all over the world. 


Better Time Management- The constant struggle students might face in juggling from school to home to tuitions is very time-consuming and tiring. Studying from online teaching apps might help the students with some me-time. 

Learn at your pace- Some students are slow learners while some are fast. Online teaching helps the students learn about things without the pressure of forgetting everything after the class as you can rewatch the recorded videos anytime.

Pocket-Friendly learning- The apps and their subscriptions are much cheaper than the regular coaching classes. You can save enough money that you might not need extra pocket money from your parents. 

Learn multiple skills at a time- Students can learn Ms-excel and french at the same time if they have enough time and sufficient resources, and online teaching for sure promises that. 

Accessible on a tap– You can join various online teaching programs offered by  Howard University without actually having to go there or going through the tiring admission process. That’s the magic of teaching online. 

How much people who teach online earn depends on: 

• the subject you choose to teach. 

• online teaching apps you use 

• number of hours you invest 

• quality of the content you deliver 

• your method of delivery 

• competitors who teach online, etc. 

Glassdoor suggests that the national average salary of an online teacher is approximately 21,987 rupees per month. Some people run online teaching apps or teach online as a side gig or even mainstream and earn good profits.  


ENGAGING LESSONS IS THE KEY: People tend to get bored while they study online,  make sure that your teaching pattern attracts the interest of the students on the 

topic. Easy-to-understand content is highly appreciated while you teach online. 

SET UP BACKUP LECTURES FOR ABSENT STUDENTS: Students sometimes may miss the live stream of the lectures on the exact day, and backup policy for their absence is definitely what they expect from online teaching apps. 

UPDATE CONTENT ACCORDING TO STUDENT NEEDS: Students may need a depth explanation of the topics in general days but might be looking for a brief explanation of the topics a week before exams. A good teacher shall teach online keeping their target audience’s wants. 

DO NOT DEPEND ON ONE PLATFORM: Diversification is always a good option. Not only it helps you get more student enrolments but also helps you bring out the most efficient self in front. Just make sure to ignore the schedule clashes. 

UPDATED GADGETS MAY ADD ON: Remember to invest in a good, high-speed Wi-Fi/internet connection and gadgets with a good camera, audio, and video quality.  

This will help you connect better with your students and will protect you from  

creating bad-quality content.

We hope that we were able to answer almost all your questions through our article.  Kindly, let us know in the comment section about your experience and other essential tips if we missed any.

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