Celtic Cross Spread_ A Complete Guide

As we all know that Celtic cross spread is the most common spread used by you all Tarot experts. But it is also true that it is the hardest spread of all. 

But there is nothing to worry about!

The instructions to use Celtic cross spread is clearly stated in all Tarot books. These can be used by the beginners. But what if you need the deep exposure?

Here is the deep insight of How to read tarot cards Celtic cross!

Just stay tuned and read further to get it more!

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Tarot Celtic cross 

Dear tarots!

We know that you want to learn some basics about what does Celtic cross spread mean. 

So here we are!

Celtic cross spread meaning is basically seeker’s reflection of current state of mind and consciousness. It is an indicator of how seeker’s physical, emotional and spiritual state of body and mind can affect his life and future. 

The layout which we are going to discuss next is designed to get through creative opportunities and talents, and gives the lessons of life.

So, stay tuned and roll further!

Well, Celtic cross spread definitions can be many and are easily available by many experienced tarot readers.

Acknowledging the same, we studied many ways of accurate reading and understanding this detailed spread and found some insights of Biddy tarot Celtic cross.

Know the insights!


Before we go into deep, it is very important to know that the general shape of Celtic cross tarot spread is divided into two sections: 

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: How to Read this Famous Layout
Celtic Cross Spread
  1. The Cross: This arrangement consists of 6 cards arranged in cross shape. It represents current issue, what is it, and where it will lead them to.
  2. The Pillar: This arrangement consists of 4 cards from top to bottom. They make seekers understand the situation and how they can control it by own.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread 

There are many versions of Tarot card positions which you will see anywhere everywhere.

But, don’t ever get confused! We have curated this huge piece of information with much love and ownness. 

There is one common Celtic cross layout which is the standard of all layouts. It also describes what is Celtic cross spread described below. 

Stay and read further!

Celtic Cross Spread
Celtic Cross Spread
  1. Situation:

This card represents what are seeker is going through at current scenario. It also makes him know his current state of mind and how is it affecting his situation.

  1. Challenge:

This card represents the ongoing challenges which seeker is facing right now. This is the thing, which if handled properly, will make his life pretty easier.

Even the ‘positive’ card will represent some sort of challenges.

  1. Beliefs:

The card represents the seeker’s goal, ambition and what will be the best to do in any situation. This is what the seeker is working on to acquire its wants. 

  1. Root of the issue/ Distant past:

This card represents the subconscious side of the seeker and acts as the agent between you and him. 

This can be the surprise for him and unveils the underlying feelings connected with the situation. 

  1. Near past:

This card will represent all their doings which led them to the present situation. It will also indicate how this challenge came.

  1. Near future:

This card represents what is going to happen with seeker in their near future. Within few weeks or few months. This is simply the next tap to their goal. 

  1. Self-perception:

This card represents what seeker think about themself. Are they confident? Are they under-confident? or whatsoever. This will give them a proper reality check about themself. 

  1. Outside the influences/ how other perceives them:

This card represents that how other people, energies or events is influencing seeker’s current peace of mind and how is it affecting their outcome to be.

  1. Action advice:

The card gives the advice to seeker’s happenings on what approach should they follow to address the current challenges.

  1. Likely outcome:

This card represents where the situation will take seekers to and how the problems related with it will be solved. It means what will be the consequences of the current course of action. 

If outcome card is not desirable by them, they can change their course of action according to that only.

Hope everything stated above is clear to you. If any doubt, jot down in the comment section below!

11 card Celtic cross spread 

All tarots out there are going to resonate with us that is going a little bit complex. But we can assure that once you are used to it, it will be seen as just a peanut for you. 

Now, read the coming bulletins to know how and When to use Celtic cross spread!

Celtic Cross Spread
Celtic Cross Spread


  1. How seeker’s present situation and focus?
  2. The obstacles and problems seeker needs to work on. The bridge seeker needs to cross.
  3. The root cause of seeker’s current situation. The base cause of seeker’s being.
  4. The past and influences of the situation. 
  5. Conscious ideals of the situation, goals, visions, and ideas.
  6. Coming soon: what is behind the obstacle and how do they have to deal with it. 
  7. Seeker’s ego: how you see themself in the situation and what they think who they are.
  8. How seekers are perceived by their family, friends, and relatives. Concern on what others think about them.
  9. Fear and hope: What are they afraid of but it is your desire too.
  10. Outcome: What is the outcome of their actions. Seekers can alter the outcome by bringing change in their actions.
  11. Gift and guide: what are in the box next to their action.

Celtic cross spread for love 

Celtic Cross Spread
Celtic Cross Spread

We know that a lot of fears, doubts, and questions revolves around seeker’s head about love life. And we also know that you are clueless sometimes that what to answer. 

Solution is here!

Love Celtic cross tarot reading is here for the rescue. It will help you to address what is happening with them at present and in future too. 

Continue reading to discover the ways Free tarot reading Celtic cross will help you out:

  1. Love and Me card: This card let seekers know their current outlook to the love.
  2. Situation card: Their current situation in romantic relationship.
  3. Challenges card: This card turns seeker’s obstacles into opportunities. 
  4. Recent Past card: These includes the events that have shaped their love situations. 
  5. Higher Power card: This represents seeker’s spiritual energy they are using to keep their relationship alive.
  6. Near Future card: It represents the future events that can change their course of life. 
  7. Issues card: It represents the problems and circumstances that is stopping seeker’s love life at one place. 
  8. The loved one card: It make the seeker that how exactly they are perceiving their partner.
  9. Love advice card: This card will find the solution if they have any problem in love life.
  10. Long-term potential card: It will tell whether the seeker have luck in love life or not.

These are the 10 Celtic cross spread for relationship which you all tarots can refer to help seekers to know about their love life.

New age Celtic spread 

Here is the short guide on how to use new age Celtic Spread if you are beginner. Just jot the below points and read further:

Celtic Cross Spread
Celtic Cross Spread

Consider cross layout by doing following:

  • Consider card 1 and 2 and find the central dynamic.
  • Consider card 3 and 5 and know what is happening with seeker at every level.
  • Consider card 4 and 6 and anticipate how events and people are reacting in seeker’s life.
  • Combine these six cards and create a shoer description.

Consider pillar layout by doing following:

  • Consider card 7 and 8 to find connectivity between seeker and his environment.
  • Consider card 9 and 10- this will be outcome.

This will be going to answer seeker’s following problems:

  • How they feel about it?
  • What is it trying to say to them?

Celtic cross spread with playing cards 

You all are going to resonate with us that Celtic Cross spread with Playing Cards is very famous and considered by most. Lame seekers try to figure out their answers through playing cards only. 

Among all the spreads mentioned above, use ten cards out of all playing cards and check out the important aspects of life. Not any special knowledge is required. Just need your focus and intuition. 

Just concentrate and use 10 cards and make it your free card and try to figure out the future of seeker.

Celtic cross tarot spread with significator

In this part of article, we are going to discuss about significator and how to use them in Celtic cross tarot spread!

According to us, it is greatly advised not to use significator much as only tarot reading is more than enough to give information.

But sometimes it is needed to use significators while tarot readings.

So, first of all, we will know what is significator!

Basically, significator is one card which represents the seeker of reading. In some cases, it can also represent the situation that seeker is asking about.

If you choose Eight of Wands, you are going overseas. Or if they choose Page of Cups, they are going to get involved in new creative project.

How to choose a significator?

  • Court cards- one of the most common way is to have a look on court cards. And then choose it on the basis of gender and age.
  • Major arcana- you can also choose major arcana as significator card.
  • Random pick- try to choose court card on the basis of age, gender and date of birth. Try it few more times and check out the results and compare them.

How to use significators in your reading?

Here are few ideas which you can consider while using this card.

  • Some people keep it in the side
  • Some put it in smack bang in middle of reading and use cards around it.

If there is some figure in the card, simply lay it down. This can give additional information such as:

  • How is your relationship going on?
  • Is there challenging and difficult situation?
  • How does interaction is looking like?

It completely depends on what card you are choosing. Another way is to bring significator and get stuck to it.

Now we hope that all tarts out there must have understood the core concept of significator!

Let’s go and explore more!


Hope you all tarots have enjoyed the article well! 

We can summarise as Celtic Cross Spread as basically seeker’s reflection of current state of mind and consciousness. It depicts how the present state of mind of seeker can affect his future course of action. 

We will feel to write more articles for you. Just drop down in the comment section if have any doubt. 

Now, have a nice day! Goodbye for now!

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