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7 of swords Tarot Card General  Meaning

7 of swords Keywords( Upright) 7 of swords Keywords (Reversed ) Deception, Subterfuge, Evasion, Strategizing, Secrecy Revelation, Honesty, Clarity, Recovery, Confrontation Table Of Content What Does of 7 of Swords In General Mean? Ah, the …

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Ace of Swords Tarot Card General Meaning

Ace of swords Tarot Card General Meaning

Upright Keywords Reversed keywords Clarity, Triumph, New Beginnings, Mental Clarity. Breakthrough, Truth Confusion, Chaos, Miscommunication, False Starts, Mental Block Table Of Content What Does The Meaning Of Ace of Swords In General? If you are …

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Four of Swords Tarot Card General Meaning

The Four of Swords is a tarot card that generally symbolizes rest, recovery, and contemplation. It often represents a period of withdrawal, taking a break, and giving yourself time to heal and rejuvenate, both physically …

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Queen of pentacles And The Fool Together

queen of pentacles with fool combination

When the queen of pentacles and the fool card come together it could mean you are considering making a change or taking a risk, but are also feeling the pull toward stability and security. Having …

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Queen of Pentacles With Hermit Together 

queen of pentacles with hermit

The Queen of Pentacles in combination with the Hermit indicates a focus on practical matters and self-sufficiency. Having said that, this combination is considered a positive combination that suggests growth and stability.  Thus, as advice …

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