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Tarot is the most powerful tool for spiritual development, personal insight, transformation, and change. Tarot Card Spread

So, you are here which means you are an absolute beginner in tarot reading. Well, you must know two things very clearly, first is that you ended up at the right place with abundance of knowledge on best tarot card spread for beginners. And second, below is an idea of what you are going to pick up with us on this topic. Have a look!

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Tarot spread for beginners
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Best tarot spreads for beginners

Woah! There is so much for you to absorb today! And so, here is an advice, start immediately because a treasure like this shouldn’t be kept at waiting for long.

The beginning!

So, you are a newbie in a tarot reading? What are your views on the predictions made by tarot? Why are you exactly here?

Oh, don’t worry! We are not asking you to think once again before entering the world of tarot reading. We are just curious to know from a fellow tarot enthusiast, what tarot reading feel to them?

Also, to start your learning phase, we would recommend you to buy your first deck of Rider Waite with its guidebook to help you with all the basic information you need the most at this stage.

Furthermore, according to us, it is the most trusted, accurate and reliable source of believing and understanding the language of Universe and will help you get through the rough patches in your life if you are a believer and a hard-working person. Agree?

So now, let’s have a look at what is there in our bag for our tarot card beginners and decide where to start from. Come along!

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Beginners and Tarot Reading

We decided to start with how to do tarot spreads since we are having most of our beginner friends in the business.


 And so, here is step by step method for your better understanding of the process. Take a deep breath and begin with beginning!

Steps on how to a tarot spread:

  1. Open your box containing the deck of tarot cards.
  2. Hold them in your hands and keep on knocking/tapping several times on the cards to fill them with your energy and vibes.
  3. Now shuffle your deck of tarot cards thoroughly and divide the into three piles.
  4. After dividing them, collect them back and make one pile of the cards again.

Now, your cards are properly shuffled and have your energy in them.

  1. Your cards are now ready to spread all over the table or any flat surface you prefer to pi=ut them on.
  2. You and the cards are ready to start the reading process. Choose the card you are drawn to strongly. Or choose the one you cannot take your eyes off of.
  3. Take that card out and open your guide book or consult the specialist to take help in understanding what the card is trying to tell you or what does that card means.
  4. you can also go with your gut feelings or your intuitions if you have some idea about tarot reading.

This was a simple tarot spreads for beginners, reader and also the most basic tarot spreads! How do you like it?

Just like every-time we have a pro tip for you here as well. You are a beginner then either you have bought a new deck of tarot cards from the market or somebody must have gifted them to you.

In any of this case, your tarot cards have been touched by several people before you got your hands on them. This means that they are having somebody else’s energy in them that needs to be wiped out.

So now, before performing your easy tarot spreads method, what you need to do is cleaning them. Yes! Reader, your cards need to detox your deck of tarot cards. Nope, not by washing them under the tap water but by performing this simple technique that is mentioned below.

To remove other people’s energy and infuse your own energy in the cards, you have to use the sage smoke to complete the process. Let your cards breathe in the some for a few seconds and after that you have to touch every single card of the deck, look at the image carefully and you have to mediate for a minute with them.

Repeat this method with every card and fill in your energies in them. That how it has to be done.

Easy Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Since you are a beginner, you must be learning tarot spreads, right? Let’s help you by providing you with some simple tarot spreads for beginners. Have a look at all of them mentioned below.


1. Card a Day

The best and the easiest way to practice your tarot reading skills is by picking up a random card for yourself from your deck of tarot cards.

This card will not just help you in understanding and practicing tarot but will also help you to know where exactly you need to focus your energy.

Just ask a question that is in your mind regarding the day and draw a card to know the answer.

For instance, you can ask what you are going to feel or experience in your day and then get an answer through your card.

Keep a check on your energy, experience and feelings throughout a day and make a note of everything.

Then compare it with the predictions you had made using tarot card. With this way you can compare things and get better in your tarot reading.

2. Situations, Tasks, Results

Another way to help yourself understand tarot reading is by solving unclear and frustration filled situations.

Arrange your deck of tarot cards from let to right. The thing you are asking about is in the extreme left, i.e. situation. The middle card is your task or your action card and the extreme right card is your result.

By this method you can make your day to day life easy and confusion free. Another simple tarot spreads for beginners. Isn’t it?

3. Clarification Card

This is an extra card that you should draw when you are still having confusion about your predictions. You do not have you draw this card out of curiosity but out of urgency.

This extra card will help you in understanding things in better and easy way.

Also, you must draw the additional card for clarification only when your gut feeling is strongly demanding for it and also be careful with this one if drawn otherwise.

4. Past, Present and Future


Another easy, popular, most required and most question card. This is the card that is related to your timings.

Here also, the procedure is same like the situation, task and result card. Shuffle the cards and place them from left to right. The extreme left one is your past, the middle one is the present and the right one is your future.

By doing this, you get a clear idea about you past, form where you begin doing something, the present, where you have already reached and the future where you are about to reach.

The above-mentioned spreads are one of the best tarot spreads for beginners which includes 3 cards in the reading.

There are also 5 cards used in reading tarot. Read below to know how, when and why to read them and why are they also the best tarot spreads for beginners?

5 Card Tarot Spread

Before starting off with this topic, let us quickly brief you on how to choose a tarot spread.

Choosing the right tarot spread, especially when you are a beginner, is quite challenging yet very important.

But choosing them is not a huge task since you just have to keep in mind the following factors before going for a tarot card layout for reading.

Before choosing a pattern for reading, remember that they depend upon the several factors that are as followed;

  • The question being asked.
  • The type of detail or the level of details you wish to know.
  • The time availability for reading. If you have enough time or you are in a hurry and want quick answers.
  • Which spreads you are familiar with? Only opt for the spreads where you can derive accurate and reliable results.

Don’t go for a new or unknown pattern of spreads which you have no idea about. Doing that can be careless, and waste of time and energy. And you might also end up getting the wrong results.

And now, here are the tarot layouts for beginners that include 5 card-tarot spread reading.

It is called the cross formation where 5 cards are placed, 3 in the middle line and 1 card on the above and 1 card at the below.

The 3 cards in the centre are placed as card number 2,1,3 in the numerical order. The above one is card number 5 where as the below one is the card number 4.

Now here is the list of what each card represents;

  • Card number 1, which is in the centre, represents the present or the general theme of the reading.
  • Card number 2, which is on the left, represents the past influences that are still having their effects.
  • Card number 3, which is on the right side, is the card of the future.
  • The card number 4, which is below the card number 1, is the reason behind the question that you are having in your mind.

This card will shed light on you card number 2, i.e. the card of the past.

  • And the last card, card number 5, which is on the top of card number 1, contains the answer of the potential within the situation.

This 5-card tarot card layout is one of the best tarot card layouts for beginners. It will help you to understand things when you are trying to decide a given course of action.

This kind of layout will work the best and will give more accurate answers to your queries if you focus more on the answers/results that you are about to receive rather than imposing your energy upon the questions you have in your mind.

In this layout, the card number 4 will help you knowing the reason behind the hurdle or the blockage that is refraining you form achieving your desired goal.

Whereas the card number 5 will show you the possible outcomes by taking a given course of action.

The Art of Tarot Reading

And now we are heading towards the most important and the most asked questions to a tarot reader.


Questions about the near future and about relationships are so common now days that there are a huge number of people who are learning tarot reading so that they can get these answers on their own.

Continue reading to find out what we have bought for our tarot reading beginners that is related to future and relationship readings.

Tarot Spread for Near Future

Remember, the past, present and future spread we discussed earlier in the easy spreads for the beginner’s genre?

That is exactly what and how you have to do things to find out your near or immediate future and get accurate answers for your queries.

Just go back to that paragraph, read it again quickly and come back. We are waiting for you.

And now comes the other one. To know answers about your relationship through tarot reading, have a look at what’s specially written below for you, beginner!

Relationship Tarot Spreads for Beginners

This is quite a bigger layout and might be difficult for you to understand since you are a beginner, so bring out a pen and paper and start taking notes, reader!

This spread has 10 cards in total for the relationship dilemma and can also be taken as tarot spread for is he the one? So, here you go!

There are 4 lines in this relationship spread. 2 cards in the first line. 1 card in the second line. 5 cards in the 3rd line and the remaining 2 cards in the last line.

The first 2 cards are card number 9 and 10 respectively. The next card in the second line is card number 6. The 5 cards in the 3rd line are placed as card number 1 to 5 respectively from left to right order.

The bottom two cards are card number 8 and then the card number7.

Now here is the list of what each card represents and why do you need to read them?

  • Card number 1 is the card of the distant past.
  • Card number 2 is your recent past.
  • Card number 3 is now or present.
  • Card number 4 is for your future influences.
  • Card number 5 will show your external influences.
  • The card number 6 is the querent’s or the seeker’s attitude.
  • Card number 7 will show you all the hopeful energies.
  • Card number 8 will tell you about all the obstacles you have to overcome I the near and the distant future.
  • The card number 9 will show you your fears and hopes.
  • And the card number 10 will have the final result for you.

So? How was your experience with all the things related to tarot reading for beginners? We hope the information we provided will help you gain knowledge in this filed that will enlighten your path towards a better future, dearest reader!


Everything has that first step for its beginners and keen learners to understand. Tarot reading is a form of art and a way of living that has a scope for everyone. And as more and more people are inclining towards it.

So, starting from the very beginning is crucial as well as interesting. Rushing won’t help you. take your time and pride in being a beginner and slowly achieve your goal of becoming a tarot reading expert.

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