Best Bingo Variations

Across the world there are multiple different versions of bingo, which has to be one of the worlds most popular gambling games along with Umbingo slots. Because of its popularity there are so many different variations which can make it hard to decide which one is best for us to play.

Here we are going to break down the fundamental differences between the main versions of bingo.

75 Ball Bingo

First we have the smallest amount of ball which is the most popular variation of bingo in the UK. Because of the great variation of this game, the layout can change for different themes. During holidays, we may find Christmas tree shaped layouts along with many other variations.

That being said, the standard layout that we will find is a 5 by 5 grid filled with numbers for us to daub out. The simplicity of this version is one of the reason that it has become so popular. This is due to the better odds of getting a winning combination, the lower range of numbers means that there are less numbers that you potentially could not have. This does also mean that the same rules apply all the other plays, which means games will tend to end quicker.

80 Ball Bingo

One of the main differences we will notice straight away is on the cards that we buy. The cards in 80 ball bingo are tend to be 4 by 4. Meaning there are an even greater amount of numbers that we won’t have. Creating further incentive to purchase multiple cards –  this could quite easily be the difference between winning or losing, so if this is a play style you enjoy, 80 ball bingo could be for you. That being said our odds of winning are lower as a single ticket holder.

90 Ball Bingo

Finally we have the 2nd most popular version of bingo in the UK which is a 3×9 grid with missing numbers, again promoting the idea of buying multiple tickets, though one of the greatest differences between 90 ball bingo and it’s peers is the multiple ways to win!

In 90 ball bingo there are three potential winners per round!

Here are how we can win:

One Line Bingo

Manage to get a full line of numbers daubed

Two Line Bingo

Get two full lines of numbers daubed

Full House

The hardest fought won; every number available on the grid.

Having multiple winners goes some way to mediate the increased odds of not getting winning numbers, which is why 90 ball bingo is out shining 80 ball bingo.

Which version is best?

There is no clear answer to which version is better, the court of public opinion would suggest that 75 ball bingo would be the best option, but this would fail to account for the lack of maturing that 80 ball bingo has had. Whilst it does statistically have worse odds than both other options it really all comes down to personal preference. Get online and give them a go, see what you think.

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