Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?

Are tarot cards reading a safe medium?

Well, tarot cards were introduced as a part of a game in which many cards were decked in order to initiate a game. It first debuted around the 15th century for gaming purposes in various parts of Europe named under Italian tarocchini, French tarot, and Austrian Königrufen.

They are still played but it has been adapted into the genre of future telling as many ‘gypsies’ try to tell the future using tarot cards. 

While many don’t trust in the working of the tarot card, many still do, there is an ongoing debate on the effectiveness of the tarot reading.

Many think it is not good to do tarot reading while many resort to it as a last resort.

In this article, we will try to find out are tarot cards reading a safe medium by analyzing various points of view and doing a background study. Let us begin. 

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The background study of tarot: 

Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?
Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?

Traits came to be in the 15th century in Italy as a part of the game. They were added to the existing packs of cards with an additional trump card that had allegorical illustrations.

Furthermore, these new decks were called carte da trionfi. In 1495, the tarot card recorded fourteen trump cards among the sixty ones. 

These cards, however, were less or more in number according to the place or region. In Florence, it expanded to more than ninety. Earlier, the tarot cards were hand-printed and showcased the illustration vividly. 

However, around the 1750s, the usage of tarot cards expanded to cartomancy. It was not only bound for game playing.

Types of tarot card

There were three types of tarot cards used in the cartomancy.

  • Tarocco Bolognese
  • Tarot of Marseilles.
  • Tarot Nouveau.

Mostly now Marseilles is used for cartomancy. 

Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?

From cartomancy, the shift registered to occult usage. The tarot card rose in number and halted on 78. The first time Stella used the tarots for occult usage. They are divided into two parts which are further divided again. 

  • The Major Arcana which reveals the greater secrets in a card reading mainly refer to trump cards that consist of 22 cards without suits:
    • , The High Priestess, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Chariot, The Hermit, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, The Tower, The Star,, The Sun, The World, and The Fool. The Magician, The Lovers, The Empress, Strength, Wheel of Fortune, Temperance, Judgement, The Moon. 
    • The Minor Arcana means lesser secrets that consist of 56 cards which are divided into four suits of 14 cards each. 

That is how the card reading came to be in the occult. Many think that it is not right to indulge in tarot reading as it is ominous. But that remains to be discussed. 

What is the purpose of a tarot reading?

The main purpose of tarot reading is to ascertain your future. Of course, it does not let you know about the straight truth.

It gives you a hint and makes sure that you are aware of the problems or good fortune that lies ahead.

The main aspect of tarot reading lies in the fact that it warns you about the dangers that lie ahead. 

So to be aware of what will happen in the future people do a tarot reading.

Many times when people are in distress and want to know what is causing such disruption, they seek help from those who can read the tarot cards.

Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?
Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?

But mainly tarot cards are used as a revelation about your own self. When you are in distress and don’t know what to do at that moment to get out of it, you seek help.

But the help that you have been looking for is in you. That reading of tarot cards helps you get a read of yourself where you get connected to your soul. 

It is a conduit between your consciousness and your soul which will help you reveal what should be done in a situation that is taking too much of you. The tarot card reading is directed towards helping you move forward with much positivity so that you don’t lag behind. Mainly tarot cards give clarity about your own thoughts, life, emotion, and feelings so if you are in delusion then it will be cleared. 

However, this particular method which was channeled through only positivity is turned upside down by some protestant agenda propagated by a higher level of power.

The accuracy that it produces with the result is why many have gone against the idea of using these particular cards.

Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?

Because in the eighteenth century when religion was on the high of the pinnacle driving a society that only wanted reason and science as their prerogative essence to live, used anything that cleared the confusion of people to turn into something evil. 

Are Tarot Cards Safe?

Of course, the belief still is stuck with the rest of the people. Those who are very much into religion and are big believers in something divine tend to believe that tarot cards are not safe.

Let’s discuss whether they are or not. 

There are cards such as death, the tower, and the devil that are considered bad. Though these cards are not remotely bad or mean something as grave as the name of the cards suggests.

We all know the pictures in the card are only there to suggest the metaphorical meaning of what could happen to you.

That is what tarot cards do. When you draw a card named death doesn’t mean you will literally die. 

Death could refer to something else that means only that you will suffer a bit, a metaphorical death or cessation could occur of something that you think is close to you, let’s say a job, a relationship.

Are Oracle Cards Safe? 
Are Oracle Cards Safe? 

Sometimes letting go of things that are bad to you can mean birth too.

A relationship that is not yielding anything could go through a demise which will prove to be good for you. So it is not remotely bad.

It is the accuracy with which the tarot card produces the reading of what will or could happen to you that is why many think it is the work of a devil.

Just because the cards that you draw are not good doesn’t mean it is the devil or not safe.

Let us take the reading as a mode of telling the truth. By telling the truth or warning, the card is preparing us for a bad thing which is good. Everything lies in perception. 

Are Oracle Cards Safe? 

Oracle cards do the same thing as tarot cards however the cards have a difference when it comes to reading. Oracle cards are more positive than tarot cards and are different in structure too.

Oracle cards are 78 in number. There are fewer rules that are applicable to this while reading the cards. 

Are Tarot Cards Reading A Safe Medium?

The reading of oracles is not dangerous at all. If you are thinking that it is dangerous then you are remotely wrong.  The study of the oracle is easier and more content in the form. The questions can be led to the right way and it depends on your own conscience so don’t think that it is the harbor of negativity. 

What are the supposed Dangers of Tarot Cards? 

The supposed dangers of tarot cards lie in the reading of the tarot cards. How are tarot cards dangerous?

Well, suppose you are going to a reading and you drew a card that is, let’s say, devil, it does not mean that the devil will come down on you to wreck your life in any form. 

It means metaphorically that there will be something ominous happening in your life. It is a forewarning that can change your life and way of thinking.

So that you can prepare for it. 

What are the supposed Dangers of Tarot Cards? 
What are the supposed Dangers of Tarot Cards? 

Even asking the wrong question could lead to a problematic result. So make sure that you ask the right questions.

If you ask your psychic about how you will go, then this answer will bear an ominous effect on you and your health. It is this kind of question that can prove to be erroneous to you. 

You can not ask questions that would disturb you and your mental peace. So in order to maintain that flow, you should prepare a list of questions that you are prepared to get answers for.

It is because of the accuracy of the tarot card reading that many Christians believe that it is propagated by the devil.

But the cards are not any object that is instilled by the devil or any other dark forces. 

There is a scientific reason why the tarot card results are almost accurate because the person who is producing the result has tried his or her hands at studying the cards for almost many years.

The key lies in the spread of the card, the metaphorical meaning of the cards, and the psychology of the person going for the reading. 

Myths of tarot cards: 

There are many myths regarding the tarot card readings which has landed the whole ordeal in the bad book of people thinking it is the deal from the devil. However, if you knew that those facts were nothing but myths that were feeding to the questions in your mind. 

  • The death cards are not a devil. This card does not mean a bad omen that someone will probably lose their lives. It is a sign that you have to take precautions just in order to be safe. It is a warning and nothing else. the fact that many people have taken the bad news as the bringer of the devil has spread making the card reading as bad. 
  • The tarot card reading is scientifically right because many times it is the psychological reading. 
  • Tarots card was not originated as a part of the occult. It was intended to be introduced as a part of a game. We have already discussed it in the history part of the cards. 
  • Many claim that the tarot cards are the work of a devil but it is not. Tarot cards help you get a read off of you which enlighten you and help you nourish your life. It tries to give you clarity, be it by producing bad news or good news. By facing news such as this only will you be able to get in touch with your soul. 
  • The death card doesn’t mean that you will die. It is just a metaphorical way of telling that you will face bad news. 

How to use tarot cards safely

How to make sure that are tarot cards reading is a safe medium? 

If you are still having a second thought about having a tarot read, then you should follow these steps to make sure that you don’t doubt anymore. 

How to make sure that you have a safe reading? 
How to make sure that you have a safe reading? 
  • Trust your instinct. If your instinct is saying that you shouldn’t go ahead with the reading then don’t. Many times your gut tells you what you don’t want to hear. 
  • Before going ahead with the reading, you could simply pray. Praying would clear away all the bad feelings you have deep down. You can also pray for good reading. 
  • Ask the questions that you are mentally prepared for. Don’t ask those questions that are not ready to ask or even remotely ready to listen to the answer. It could lead to a mental breakdown and devastation coupled with fear. 
Are tarot Cards reading a Safe medium? Discussion
The background study of tarotYou have to read the article to know about it. 
What is the purpose of tarot reading?To get connected with your soul and body. 
Are Tarot Cards Safe?Yes, it is safe. 
Are Oracle Cards Safe?Yes, they are safe. 
What are the supposed Dangers of Tarot Cards?Asking the wrong questions could lead you to a mental breakdown. To know more, read above. 
Myths of tarot cardsThere are many myths regarding the tarot reading which makes it appear ominous. To know what they are, read above. 
How to make sure that you have a safe reading? Ask the right questions, pray before the reading, and trust your instinct. 


Tarot readings are not bad. It is never a bad thing to know what lies your path in the future. It is not a bad thing to conduct a medium that produces such accurate results. You have to know the right strategy so that you don’t get flustered. Now that you know are tarot cards reading a safe medium.

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