Players like to test different slot games, that is why casinos make free slot bonuses or 500 free spins available to play. Although free spins were made popular by walk-in casinos, lately it is common to see even online and mobile casinos offering the bonus.

Free spin is a promotion and bonus from a particular slot, and its reward is open to new and experienced players.


The reasons why free spins are attractive to all categories of gamers include;

  • Authentic wins: Although players don’t stake their money while using free spins, the winning achieved can be withdrawn
  • No cash risk: During free spins, the chances of you losing money is equal to zero because real money isn’t a requirement to play them
  • Easy winning redemption: As there’s no cash commitment, it is all the easier to claim your wins during free spins
  • Widely available: With the offer rife among landbased casinos and iGaming providers, finding slots with free spins is a no brainer.


1. The amount you get to stake on games during free spins is relatively low

2. There’s a wagering requirement where the player has to play a certain number of games to withdraw winnings from free spin

3. The number of games on which you can utilize free spins are meager


On one hand, you expect that the challenges will discourage an experienced player from using free spins. This is not so because:

  • There is an avalanche of free spins whose wagering requirement value are considerably low or without wagering requirement at all
  • There are also free spins where the games you can play them with are limitless

On the other hand, you expect an experienced player to maneuver his way around the gaming space without advantages. This is not the case because:

  • First, the benefits of free slots outweigh its challenges. This is attractive enough, especially where the challenges are not static as shown above.
  • Similarly, an experienced player is not expected to like every game. So, what better way to identify your interests than with free spins.
  • Free spins come with bumper rewards. For instance, the chance to win a jackpot and other big money is dependent on the number of chances you got at giving it a shot. Free spins give that leverage. You can also win more free spins while using a free spin and more free spins takes you closer to make lucrative wins.
  • Experience or not, the absence of free spin increase the odds to lose money.
  • Free slot is too huge an advantage to be turned down by any player. Giving the impossibility to you can have the skills for all games or find all games suited to your style among the options to choose from in the industry today.

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