Angels in Tarot

“Not all angels reside in heaven.(angels in tarot)

Some walk the earth, with you, for you!”

We know so much about tarot. We know how it works and for what reason it is used for. But do we really know everything about it?

Aren’t we missing onto anything?

The professional tarot readers would definitely know all about tarot reading. But what about those we are still learning, and those who are planning to learn the art of tarot reading?

The ones who are ready to step in the world of tarot reading and also, all those who will search about and practice tarot in the future?

These people are definitely going to have this one question in their mind.

When tarot is all about predicting time, weather past present or future and our guardian angels are also our personal messengers from the universe who tell us about our future.

Then why these two things are never seen together? Or heard about together?

Imagine the results they can give if combined together. Imagine the results and conclusions that can be drawn from them.

We know you are amazed by this thought, but if you are an expert in tarot reading, you would already have guessed by now, where our conversation is heading.

And in case you are a learner or a beginner, here’s an announcement for you!

There are angels in tarot! Tarot reading has its own angels!

We know this information is quite exciting for you but the even better news is that you are going to learn about Angels in Tarot right here, right now!

So now, control your excitement and brace yourself as we are heading towards our contents followed by bulk of information on them.

Here you go!

Angels tarot card meanings
List of angel cards and meanings
What do angels represent?
Who are the four main archangels?
Tarot card angel with trumpet
Marseilles tarot deck angel
Free angel card reading

The contents are angelic and we know you are eager to learn about angels in tarot.

And so, let’s head straight towards the information part.

Angelic Tarot Cards

What are the angelic tarot cards? How many angelic tarot cards are there in a deck of tarot? What are their names? what do they mean or represent?

Angels in Tarot
Angels in Tarot

We know your mind is flooded with such questions and we are going to provide you all the answers one by one.

Starting from the very beginning and explaining you;

  • Angel cards meanings

As you know, while there are only 52 cards in a normal deck of cards, there are 78 cards in a deck of tarot cards.

And all of them have a unique name, identity, meaning and importance. And we are going to provide you with a selective group of cards containing the list of angel cards and meanings, right?

When you draw an angelic card form the deck of tarot cards, it means that the angels have captured your attention.

As you know, that the angels are also considered supernatural beings. While there are so many assumptions who angels really are.

Weather they are the spirits of dead humans or they are specially made by god who are neither humans nor do they have the status of a god but they are created to help humans and create connections between humans and their gods.

All what we know is that there are angels who are always ready to help us and in tarot the same thing takes place. 

What does the angel mean in tarot cards? Well, getting an angel card from a tarot spread means the angles know the problem you are currently facing and they are there to help you.

Yes! They know when their humans who believe in them needs their guidance and so they come with a special that can help you in dealing with your current problem.

Getting an angels tarot card meanings that the angels know your problem, they have taken notes on it and they will help you once they will finish analysing your problem and its special solution for you.

  • What do angels represent?

What do they represent specifically in tarot reading?

 They are representatives of 3 main things i.e. guidance, protection and messages.

When you draw a card from the tarot spread and an angel card appears it can either be for the three reasons mentioned above.

They might have come for your protection from the evil that is about to take place in your life.

They might have appeared for your guidance. So, that they can guide you to the right path and stop you from going on the wrong one.

Or there are chances that they might just have come with a message for you. that message can be related to anything. Anything that you might be facing right now or you are looking answers for.

How do you know which one is the reason amongst these for which they appeared for you?

Well, that totally depends upon the card you have drawn.


because there is not just one but four angelic cards in tarot.

We will discuss about them thoroughly, but first have a look at some other details.

Angel Tarot Card Reading:

Since you are keenly interested in tarot reading and you also enjoy the talks of angels, we have special advice for you, reader.

Angels in Tarot
Angels in Tarot

If you want to try how this angel tarot card trick works, if you don’t believe us and you want to see it yourself.

Then just bring out a pen and paper and write a question that you want to be answered. Draft that question on a paper in such a way that it can be easy for your angel to answer it.

Angels are always there when you need them.

When your question is ready, take the four angelic cards out from your deck and shuffle them properly.

Now select one card from these four angelic cards and put it facing downwards without watching it.

Keep the other three angelic cards aside and now select two more cards from the original deck of the cards which do not have the set of angelic cards right now.

Place the first card on the left of your selected angel card and your second card on the right of it.

Now, these three cards have the answer to your question.

The middle one or the angelic one holds the main meaning of the reading while the other two cards offer additional commentary and insights on the issue you are addressing.

Cool and fun packed idea, no? also it will help you in so many ways. Firstly, you will practice a three-card tarot spread. Secondly you will get the answer to the question you have asked and lastly, you will be able to know how amazingly these angelic cards can help you, guide you and answer your questions.

And on that note, we must look forward to explore some more aspects of angels in tarot including the main information and meaning on the four angelic cards in tarot.

Who are the 4 Main Archangels?

Isn’t this question constantly popping up in your mind? Aren’t you eagerly waiting to know the names and details of the card for which we have been talking about from the beginning?

The time is here are we are revealing in front of you the angel cards in tarot who are going to change your life in a very positive way.

Their names are Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Michael.

Each card angel tarot cards. Yes! These are your four angels in tarot who protect, guide and send messages to you for your sake.

Moving on and digging deeper into the meaning, usage, significance and importance of all these angelic cards in tarot.

Come along and have a look!


Who is Raphael? What is his significance in the tarot reading and what are the specifications of his card? Let’s have a look at all of this and a lot more about this angel. 

You can understand Raphael as the healing angel and the one who can drive away nightmares. He is also considered as the patron saint of the blind, the healing or medical professionals, the sick and of lovers and travellers as well.

Do you know that the love aspect of Raphael’s patronage is clearly exemplified as the lover’s card in the tarot?

Drawing this card is very luck as along with love and health, Raphael also stands for travelling and who doesn’t want to travel in today’s world?

How can you recognise his card? The young man who is holding a flask and/or a fish in his hands is the Raphael angel.

He has not been mentioned in the bible. But it does not mean that he did not belong there.

Raphael appeared in some of the Apocryphal books. He is the one who was disguised as a traveller and restores the eyesight of Tobit, according to the book of Tobit.


Gabriel is the tarot card angel with trumpet, who is also considered as the biggest messenger angel of the god.

The messages he brigs for his people are all about transforming the spiritual into matter, and about the future.

His messages are about time, timings and also about blending spiritual with the earthy.

Gabriel stands for harmony, correct proportions and combinations of the mixtures, patience, moderation and creation.

According to Gabriel, combining two elements together in the right proportions can result into a creation of something new.

Gabriel has also appeared a lot of times in the bible as a messenger of god. The one who used to interpret dreams and visions to the shepherds.

Angels in Tarot
Angels in Tarot


Uriel is known as the angel of presence and fire of god in the devil card.

This card tells people to leave attachments and detach themselves from their desires in order to free themselves from oppression and limitations.

As you can see, the chains around the neck of the couple, in Uriel card, are free. This indicates that they are free to remove it and get rid of them if they want to.

This is also the reason why it is also known as the card of hope.

This card comes with a message for the person to stop being so harsh upon themselves and break loose the ties. To have some fun by adopting the devil-may-care attitude.

He appears in the book of Enoch who is a good angel but also has some firey and pitiless qualities as he has the key to the ned of time.

His devilish qualities and his hold on the key to the pit are the reason why Uriel is also called the angel in disguise.


The angel of the lord and the angel of the dead Michael is your primary healing and protecting angel who also carries deceased souls to heaven which also explains his importance in the judgment card.

Michael is also believed to provide every soul a chance to redeem itself at the hour of death, before finally passing over.

It is believed that his main significance as the one who has the power of judgement is because of his character which offers redemption and second chance to the souls who have committed sins.

Not just redemption but he also possesses the qualities of rebirth, regeneration and healing as well.

In the justice card, Michael is also seen as weighing the souls in a balancing scale, as a sign of measuring their deeds and their chances of redemption.

If you read the bible, you will find Michael as the one who is defending god’s realm against the Satan.

His angel card in tarot announces that this is the time for renewal and reawakening, out with the old self and in with the new, for the person who has drawn the card.

About all four archangels:

Raphael as Aquarius, 

Gabriel as Scorpio the eagle, 

Michael as Leo the lion, and

 Uriel as Taurus the bull, 

all these four angels can be seen in the corner of the cards in the wheel of fortune.

Although, Gabriel is angel with the trumpet but all of the archangels can be seen as blowing trumpets.

All these angels together remind us that our lives and our reality is refracted through a colourful prism with unseen influences.

And also, a reminder that we are always surrounded with healing, guiding, protection and second chances.

The invisible hands of the angels are a powerful invocation of the unseen spiritual world revolving around us, with us and for us.

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Tarot has got a lot more qualities in it than the people can ever imagine. From having spiritual aspects, to biblical references, from angels to problem solving answers, from predicting your future to detecting your past, tarot has covered everything.

They have your guardian angels, angels from the bible, the one who can be disguised, the one who can give you a chance of redemption and all of them are your saviours, protectors, guardians and messengers altogether.

What else can we ask for?

In return, we must believe in the art of tarot and respect its ability to help us in any and every situation.

Also, its almost impossible to return empty hands when you have faith in tarot reading.

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