All about Rose Gold!

Rose gold is a colour seen trending everywhere these days, especially in the case of earrings. It is a very subtle and romantic colour. Rose gold is a colour on board for a long time but has been a hot trend these days. Rose gold is gold with a pinkish hue to it and a touch of copper. Rose gold earrings have been categorized to be “luxury” these days. It has become a wardrobe must-have for all women these girls. Age doesn’t matter in this, starting from girls to working mothers everyone is seen wearing them!

Why are rose gold earrings so much in trend these days? 

  • May it be home, or in the office, or at wedding functions, these earrings come in super handy! They are a very versatile piece of jewellery, giving you a unique look altogether. 

If one is going to the office or looking for something simple, these earrings can effortlessly glam up one’s look by making it feel over the top.

If one is going to attend a wedding function? Gold is a colour that everyone wears; try on rose gold. It tones down one’s look and adds a lot to the outfit. It will be different from the rest, and one will stand out from the crowd. They give the person an opulent vibe instantly.

  • Rose gold is a colour that one can pair with any other colour. One doesn’t need to worry if their outfit is blue, black or red; rose gold earrings fit perfectly with everything.
  • The colour rose gold complements Indian skin tone! Not every colour goes well with the Indian skin tone but rose gold brings out the colour of our skin, making us look more beautiful.
  • One can repeatedly wear them without feeling guilty! They will be worth all the money you have put in. Investment is the key here!
  • It doesn’t tarnish! Rose gold jewellery doesn’t tarnish, well it might turn a little black or reddish after multiple uses, but that also gives a vintage look to it and is wearable. 

How to style them the correct way?

Wearing something heavy? Try pairing a minimal or small pair of those earrings. It will immediately tone down the look, making it elegant and chiquè. On the other hand, when wearing something light, easy to go and breathable, try wearing a statement piece of these earrings. Again, it instantly changes one’s look, and one can go anywhere without doing much! These are a total game-changer and a lifesaver!

A quick tip: Check on the hallmark before buying the earrings. An ideal rose gold earring would have a hallmark marked as 14k to 15k; if it is marked as 24k, it is likely to be fake. There is no such thing with rose gold as counterfeit or genuine. Just check the hallmark. 

No one can go wrong with these earrings! They are very versatile and are available in various shapes and sizes. There are minimal pieces and statement ones. There is no end to the options available in the market. 

May this be small companies to high-end brands, everyone offers rose gold earrings. The price range varies from $5 to there is no limit. If you go for high-end brands, it can be heavy on your budget, but it will be worth it. The silver collective is one such company that can fulfil one’s needs.

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