7 Effective Ways to Build Your Muscle

Self-care has never been more critical than now. As the pandemic keeps everyone inside the home, regular exercises like walking, jogging, running, etc., are close to zero in everyone’s schedule.

Physical activities are reduced, and lifestyle changes are affecting the health of every individual. But, one can do simple exercises at home with or without minimal equipment. Equipment like dumbbells, pull-up bars, skipping ropes are very cheap and can help in basic workouts. Exercise and the consumption of proper nutrients and supplements like protein powder, BCAA powder, vitamins, juices, etc., helps in the process.

Supplements help keep up with the workout, i.e., the intense pressure one applies on the body muscles. Protein powder helps in building the muscles and makes them bulkier. The BCAA powder not only helps tone the muscles but it helps to repair and alleviate soreness in muscles. It also lessens the fatigue the muscles endure during intense workout sessions. It is a recommended supplement for both men and women.

The seven effective ways in which you can build your muscles are: 

1.Focus on Type I Fibres

Heavy lifting only helps improve type II muscles, but for developing the type I muscles, strength training, full-body cardio, and several other exercises are required. Low-weight with high rep works very well for type I muscles. So, don’t ignore those muscles while working out.

2.Recovery Time

Eating enough, having proper supplements, sleeping enough, and not overtraining are the signs of good health. Your trainer should appropriately monitor your training. A resting time is required between workout sessions and even a weekday off for the muscles to rest and grow. Continuous training without rest will result in significant fatigue and muscle torsion, requiring surgery or therapy later. Patience, focus, and consistency are the key things you need to possess during the workout/muscle-building journey.

3.Start a Multi-Joint Workout

One of the most effective exercises for getting lean mass is resistance training. Pack your exercise with big, compound/multi-joint moves like bench press, lunge, pull-ups, and squats. It is a known fact that compound exercise causes a significant increase in testosterone and muscle-building hormones.

4.More Protein

Consumption of protein is necessary while building muscles. Protein helps in muscle growth, recovery, repair, as amino acids are significant for these processes. Twenty grams of protein in a meal is optimal for the day and is accepted by diet experts. If more is needed, you should consult a dietitian. It is best to take four meals a day, i.e., 80 grams of protein a day for proper muscle growth. Eating more is not in synonym with eating anything in more quantity. It would be best to strictly follow the guide by your trainer and dietitian before every meal.

5.BCAA Powder

BCAA is the abbreviation of Branched-Chain Amino Acids, an excellent supplement for building muscles, and which is found in protein. The BCAA supplement is capable of building muscles and helps in decreasing muscle fatigue. This supplement also reduces the soreness of muscle as it promotes muscle protein synthesis. 

6.Sleep Routine

One thing people forget when they talk about a healthy life is sleep. The sleep routine is a necessary part of health and muscle enhancement. Without proper sleep, the body and mind won’t get any rest. About 6 to 7 hours of sleep is enough for young adults and 7 to 8 hours for middle age and above. Hormonal balance and digestion stay at their best when you have a better sleep routine, making you ready for another day of work and work out. 

7.Responsible Lifting

Weight lifting is a part of muscle building, but it must be executed using the proper method and with advice from your trainer. Suddenly, increasing the weight will negatively affect your body; a gradual increase is advisable. Going too slow on the increment of weight is also wrong as it will hinder the proper growth of muscles; hence, you need to find a balance between too fast and going slow. 

The best way to achieve a better body and toned muscles is to go slow and steady. And with a proper diet, sleep and rest, you can gain the strength and power you want. The guidance of a trainer and dietitian is always a great deal for transforming your body.

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