7 Best Ideas to Launch Employee Recognition Programs

Getting the employee recognition & reward program of your company off the ground will be very daunting – looking at the time or money you have put in, so what you would like most is having your team using this program & experiencing the benefits of the recognition-rich culture daily. You must consider giving Art Glass Awards to every deserved employee of your company in many different forms.

Give Shout-Outs

To know you have done a great is a thing, but hearing this from your manager or the company president will be better. Public acknowledgment is the best way to motivate and inspire people, whereas rewarding the specific team members for the job well done. Announcements at the company meetings, email blasts, or other company-wide correspondence will be the best way of recognizing your employees. Also, it is completely free! 

Company celebrations

Corporate events are wonderful opportunities for getting people together over the shared goal and achievement. This kind of recognition helps to communicate the company values, create strong bonds, connect the employees, and make the people feel an important part of something much bigger. No matter whether it is the major accomplishments or milestones that you’re celebrating, this kind of recognition helps to define the culture & rally people over the common purpose. 

Higher output 

The company focused on improving output and speed in the delivery of their services must consider recognizing their employees that are the high producers. For instance, salesmen doing the biggest sales growth or customer service representative that have answered most calls. So, pointing out such attributes to colleagues can help to foster a high-energy & efficient labor force.

Give employees a chance to name the program

An employee recognition name must be something for your people, so there is no better way of understanding what can resonate than and invite people to give suggestions? During your project design phase, some clients run the competition & get people to send their ideas & select names based on the votes and through the project committee.

Awards for Service

This kind of recognition art glass awards celebrates life at the work and fosters a sense of belonging. This helps the employees to see how they will fit in an organization just by showcasing the career achievements with time & spotlighting the unique contributions to a team. This honors friendships & celebrates careers in the most meaningful and memorable way.    

Distribute rewards

Do you want to appreciate somebody for putting in some extra hours on the tight deadline? You do not need to open a can of worms, which are monetary incentives for saying thank you. But, consider giving the gift card to the coffee shop, movie tickets, scratch tickets, and universally appreciated gifts, which can allow them to know that you appreciate them, whereas giving them the reason to have fun.

Start the countdown

Allow your people to know that the new recognition program will be worth getting excited about. Don’t organize an event & expect people to come! Send out the teaser emails, do countdown – and anything that takes people’s interest & gets them thinking about what is about to come.

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