5 Superstitious Beliefs We All Know About– Do You Believe Them?

Has anyone told you not to do it because it brings bad luck? How about crossing paths with a black cat will bring bad luck? Or the spooky vibe if you see Friday the 13th on the calendar?

These superstitious beliefs we all know about actually have an exciting history. Although these superstitions are not based on facts, they are deeply rooted in cultural tradition and history.

While some of these are pretty impossible to believe, they may still affect or influence the choices you make.

  1. Don’t Do Laundry on New Year’s Day: Laziness? Nah! It Brings Bad Luck.

All of us are looking forward to the New Year. It’s the day of a fresh start and renewal. After having some fun nights during New Year’s Eve, there are several things you have to clean and put away, including laundry.

However, there are 3 superstitions when it comes to doing laundry during New Year’s Day. Doing the laundry will mean:

  • your year’s good fortune will wash down the drain.
  • you will have more laundry than usual around the year, or worse
  • a family member will be washed away or die during the year.

Now, that’s a lot to take. If you are not confident about doing the laundry, but it’s already a mountain piling up, call the laundry service near you. They might offer laundry pickup and delivery.

  1. Looming Friday the 13th: Screams Spooky Vibes and Bad Luck

The horror that comes when you find out the 13th lands on a Friday! People have a fear of the number 13. It’s pretty known that several tall buildings and hotels do not label their 13th floor. Moreover, have you noticed that some airlines do not have the 13th row?

One of the origins of this superstition goes way back to the Last Supper and the crucifixion of Jesus. In the Last Supper, Judas Iscariot was the 13th guest, and Jesus was crucified on a Friday; putting it together makes it one unlucky day. 

  1. Breaking a Glass: Clumsiness? No, Bad Luck is Coming!

Breaking a drinking glass or mirror sets you up for bad luck. 

They say breaking a drinking glass means there’s someone in the family, or you will die. Meanwhile, people believe mirrors reflect the soul. Thus, breaking a mirror is believed to be harmful to the soul. 

If you want to reserve bad luck, you have to take the broken mirror outside and bury it under the moonlight. 

  1. Itchy Palm: Skin Irritation? No, Good Luck!

There are many versions of this superstition. If you have an itchy palm, it means you are greedy for money. Some also believe money is coming, but if the itch comes from your left palm, it means money is going out.

The superstition tells that if you have an itchy palm, you should not scratch your palm unless you want to counteract the effect.

Hmm, you don’t want to lose the chance of receiving good fortune, right?

  1. Knock Twice on Wood: It Makes the Bad Luck Go Away!

You have probably knocked on wood to avoid jinxing yourself. But, do you have any idea why? You probably did it out of your subconscious.

Elders say knocking wood reverses bad luck. There are two origins for this superstition– back when people believe gods live in trees and from Christianity. 

People who believe gods live in trees lightly knock on wood to ask for a favor. When their favors are granted, they will knock lightly again on the same tree.

Meanwhile, Christians knock on wood to offer thanks for good fortune. It’s because Jesus Christ died on a cross made from wood. They believe it gives a connection to divinity. Thus, there’s good luck.

But, if you consider these superstitions and want a guide to your daily decision-making, it’s best to visit a shamanic healer. It will satisfy your curiosity about integrating tarot reading into your everyday living.

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