What does 5 of Wands Mean In General?

Tower Keywords( Upright)Tower Keywords(Reversed )
Danger, health problems, destruction, trauma, sudden changeIllness, fear of change, resisting change, avoiding tragedy

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What Does The Five Of Wands Tarot Mean In General?

The tarot card, the Five of Wands, represents opportunities and fresh starts. It signifies that you will change your life and things will soon change for you. If you receive the Five of Wands in your reading, it may be time to move forward and change your life. Moreover, if we go deeper, we can see that the Five of Wands shows five guys using their wands as weapons to battle one another. Closer inspection reveals that their wands are lifted but not striking or hurting anyone. There is no actual aim or result in this chaotic scenario other than to generate conflict among the group. Each man wears a different costume, symbolizing their diverse histories and belief systems and implying that they cannot find harmony and common ground due to their differences.

Elements Associated With The Tower Tarot

Astrological SignAries
Hebrew Letterפּ – Pe
Related The Chariot 16/1+6=7
Count9 – planetary trump

What does Upright 5 of wands tarot mean in General?

As the image of the card shows, the five wands upright might signify a type of conflict in your life. It’s possible that the conflict is currently there in your life or that it has been building for some time and is going to blow up. The five of Wands tarot cards may represent a group at work where everyone is impatient and simply wants to be taken seriously. They refuse to listen to others and continue to do what they want, which leads to conflict. If the card appears for you, it is a message that you should take the initiative and take control of the situation by suggesting that everyone talk with one another and try to understand what each other is trying to express.

Upright 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean In Love Matters?

When the five wands appear upright in a love tarot card reading, you must take action to find your soul mate. Five of wands reversed reconciliation indeed need consideration if you’re already in a relationship, be aware of arguments and tensions. A minor disagreement among you could escalate into a major argument if you’re all stressed. Even though these disputes or conflicts are not extremely significant, they could damage your relationship. Consider whether the issue you are arguing over is crucial to your relationship and relevant to both of you.

Upright 5 Of Wands Tarot Meant In Money Matters?

The five of wands may lack professional employment stability. It can mean that you were fired or lost your job. It also indicates a major shift in your situation, bringing you undesired strain and difficulties but ultimately leading to a better one or more security. The Tower warns you to exercise financial caution when handling your money. The Tower may be a symbol of bankruptcy in its serious form. Avoid making dangerous bets.

Upright 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean In Health?

The upright five of the wand indicate your fight against an illness and your eventual victory over the disease. This card indicates that even if it is becoming too tough for you to fight the illness, even if you have been struggling with your health and undergoing treatment for a while, you will not lose your will or strength. 

This card means you will keep fighting it because you will eventually overcome it and be free of all the suffering. The occurrence of this card also indicates that you should limit your stress or energy surge because it puts too much strain on your body, which could lead to health problems. 

Upright 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean In Spirituality.

Consider having a house that you felt was well-built and would shelter you for the rest of your life. The Tower would be a massive storm that would level your home, destroying all you thought was secure and revealing that the foundations were not as solid as you had imagined. While you may still feel pain, loss, grief, rage, and confusion due to this terrible turn of events, you will have the opportunity to rebuild a new, better house with more solid foundations. From a spiritual perspective, the Tower represents the destruction of old beliefs.

What Does Reversed 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean In General?

Reversed 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean

The Five of Wands, in reverse, suggests that you are skilled at getting yourself out of a problem or argument. 5 of wands Rx also denotes that you have been battling a problem for a while, have finally found relief from it and all other issues, and have no more battles to worry about. The Five of Wands, in reverse, suggests controlling your anger.

The Reversed 5 Of Wands Tarot Means In Love Matters?

If the 5 wands reversed feelings appeared, you must carefully evaluate each circumstance before taking action.  five of wands reversed Elliot signifies that your relationship will be impacted by how you handle conflict. Everyone has wants and desires, and meeting these standards does not make you less attractive. Communication is essential for every relationship to function, regardless of how difficult the topic of discussion is. As you communicate more and share your opinions and needs, misunderstandings will be resolved, making the connection more comfortable.

What Does The Reversed 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean In Money Matters?

It is critical to examine the five wands in reversed positions while keeping the other cards in the spread in mind. There are two possible interpretations or meanings that could occur. If this card appears alongside other positive cards, it may signify that you will be relieved of financial hardship. You’ve been working extremely hard for a while now, your war with your finances is finally ending, and you’re entering more stable territory. However, if the five wands reversed do not come with another good and supporting card, it symbolizes potential financial conflict with family members.

The Reversed 5 Of Wands Tarot Means Health.

If The Tower is reversed in a health context,5 of the wand’s reversed outcomes may mean that you are trying to ignore a disease or a warning sign of an illness in the hopes that it would go away. For the best chance at healing, you must face this head-on. It might also signify that a health concern turns out insignificant and you have avoided a disaster. In any event, hiding your health problems won’t help you. 

What Does The Reversed 5 Of Wands Tarot Mean In Spiritual Journey?

In a spiritual context, The Tower reverse indicates the struggle to let go of long-held beliefs even when you know they are no longer true from a spiritual perspective. You might think that you don’t know what to believe if you don’t have those convictions. You must face the truth and let go of what isn’t helping you if you want to advance and find your spiritual path. Even though it won’t be easy, the result will be worth the effort.

Is Five Of Wands Tarot Mean A Yes Or No Card?

The energy of the Five Wands represents struggle and difficulty. It is an example of acting without communication. As a result, it is a no-card. To know more in detail, read our other article, Is 5 of wands yes or no card?

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