5 Best Holster Styles For Women

Being a woman, carrying a gun presents a lot of challenges that males on the other hand do not need to deal with much. Besides the fact that the shapes of our body are a bit different, so the choices of clothing and options differ a lot. With many women getting in the concealed carry area, it appears that many different best holsters started coming in the market. Let us check them out here:

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Inside the Waist Band holster generally has the clip, which clips to your waistband & holster slips down in your waistline or pants. Carrying your gun inside the waistband will be the popular type of the concealed carry with ladies as just the grip has to get covered and your firearm will be accessible and simple to draw at the time of emergency. Most of the regular women’s shirts may cover sufficiently & most pants will “stretch” to make such adjustment essential to fit a firearm. 

Thigh Holster

This is another popular choice when you are looking to conceal & carry in the skirt or dress. The thigh holster is very concealable, and will not cause a lot of discomforts, providing you are concealing the compact firearm. The majority of the thigh holsters are a bit adjustable and also allow you to carry inside and outside your thigh so that you can select an option that is comfortable to you.

Corset Holster

With all the amazing options available we cannot forget the corset holster. These types of holsters are inspired by the popular belly band concealed holster, corset holster complements the curves & conceals your gun. Corset holsters generally come in many different varieties, thus you will have to ensure that you get the corset holster, which features some type of trigger protection, like a layer of the TPE sewn in a holster pocket.

Ankle Holsters

The main appearance of an ankle holster is the location of the waist & the idea that it is simple to hide under the pair of the wide-legged pants providing they are in the right length, so you do not allow this to ride up. It is not foolproof of the location as this appears, particularly if you have skinny ankles. With the bell-bottoms also, there is a certain limit on how much hardware you can stick out because with many items, the fabric of pants drape & cling.

Belt Carry 

Belt carry is a highly preferred and common type of the concealed carry used for women. Your gun will be close and your grip will be in the right position to grasp & draw fast. For such reasons, it’s the best choice for many women. Even though alternatives will be offered, it’s very important to remember that the alternative carry methods are: alternatives to a preferred method. These challenges are having the right clothing to cover your gun on the waist & keep this concealed adequately. In a few states, it’s legal for you to “open carry”, or have your gun exposed entirely. You should check the local laws and see if it’s legal.

Final Words

With many different gun holster options out there, it may appear a bit simple to take this recommendation from the local gun shop or blogs online, but it is very important being a gun owner that you take it seriously & understands some important principles you need to look for when purchasing the holster. You have to make sure that a holster is made for your firearm. Also, you have to make sure that the trigger will be covered, the level of retention will keep the firearm safe, and you may wear this comfortably for concealment. 

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