4 Ways To Successfully Practice Pilates While Traveling

Finding time to exercise while traveling is a challenge regularly faced by vacationers and commuters. While it is simple to dedicate time to work out at home, accessing fitness classes or gym equipment is difficult in an unfamiliar location.And though large-item shipping logistics companies offering standardpost or courier delivery are there to make moving stuff around easy,buying or renting equipments may not fall into your timing.Luckily, exercise methods such as Pilates are available for those looking to work on their fitness in-studio or on their own. Pilates is the perfect regimen for individuals of all ages looking to strengthen and tone their bodies.

Its low-impact approach to exercise focuses on small muscle groups and general flexibility. An apparatus known as a reformer is used in studio practices; however, all that is generally required is a floor mat for comfort. As long as a previous or current injury is not relevant, Pilates students should feel free to work on their fitness from home, work, vacation and beyond.

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1. Stick to the Basics 

When exercising away from the studio, many Pilates students tend to misjudge their fitness levels. Overworking leads to premature exhaustion and potential injury. Therefore, Pilates students of all levels should perform the basic movements when practicing on-the-go. This routine will result in a consistently safe and effective workout. Whether enjoying a northern lights cruise or an African safari, you can always bring your Pilates practice with you.

Getting too overzealous with your Pilates movements without an instructor present can yield poor form and bad future habits. Stick to the basics; even the most advanced students will be surprised when they remember how efficient the foundations are.

Source: Men’s Journal

2. Focus on a Principle

Pilates was established on a set of six basic principles including flow, precision, breath, concentration, center and control. Typically when taught in a studio, instructors highlight these fundamentals and weave them seamlessly into each class. When exercising alone, it is challenging to remain present and target the principles. Focusing on one of these elements will assist you in furthering your practice. One day, concentrate on just your breath. See if you can slow your breath when your heart rate accelerates. Try breathing through the most demanding section of your workout to see how it affects your progress. Another time, challenge yourself to move slowly through the movements, working on bodily control. It is easy to rush quickly through the motions, but deliberate control aids in furthering flexibility and strength.

The essentials of Pilates need not only apply to your exercise regimen. The core foundations can be implemented in everyday life. For example, take note of your posture while driving. If you seem to be slumping or hunching, sit up straight! Are you feeling anxious at work? Take some deep cleansing breaths to center yourself. Use your Pilates foundations to enhance elements of your daily life.

3. Remove Distractions 

One of the biggest challenges of exercising on your own is avoiding distraction. While modern technology possesses countless benefits, it often diverts our attention from more pressing commitments. Be sure to turn off all electronics before beginning your workout. Further, create an inviting, comfortable space dedicated to Pilates. These habits will help you consistently achieve positive results from your solo workouts.

Source: men’s journal

4. Have Fun

While it is important to dedicate sufficient time and effort to your fitness routine, it is equally as necessary to have fun while doing so. The beauty of Pilates on-the-go is the ability to completely customize each session. If you don’t fashion yourself a morning person, complete your class in the evening! Do you love country music? Create a Pilates playlist containing all your favorite western jams. Finally, always dress the part. Be sure to don your most comfortable and appropriate sportswear, including long leggings to keep your leg muscles warm and flexible.

Don’t let your vacation plans derail you from your fitness goals. Many fun and effective exercise programs like Pilates are adaptable to life away from the studio. Once you’re familiar with the proper Pilates foundations, it’s possible to squeeze in a sweat session anywhere. From your home office to your tropical getaway, Pilates is truly the perfect on-the-go workout!

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